1. Recent sperm morphology studies have shown that although Vespidae belong to the superfamily Vespoidea, Agelaia vicina may be more phylogenetically related to Apoidea.
  2. Outside these, many other Hymenopteran lineages include parasitoids, such as most of the Chrysidoidea and Vespoidea, the rare Symphytan family Orussidae, and " Elasmus polistis, which parasitises " Polistes exclamans ".
  3. "P . annularis " is classified as part of the kingdom Animalia, the phylum Arthropoda, the subphylum Hexapoda, the class Insecta, the order Hymenoptera, the suborder Aculeata, the superfamily Vespoidea, and the family Vespidae.
  4. Its subphylum Hexapoda indicates it has six feet; the order Hymenoptera includes ants, bees, wasps, and sawflies; the Aculeata include ants, bees, and stinging wasps in particular; the Vespoidea include yellow jackets, hornets, paper wasps, potter wasps, mason wasps, and pollen wasps.
  5. "P . metricus " belongs to the kingdom Animalia ( animals ), the phylum Arthropoda ( arthropods ), the subphylum Hexapoda ( having six feet ), the class Insecta ( insects ), the order Hymenoptera ( which includes ants, bees, wasps, and sawflies ), the taxon Aculeata ( which includes stinging wasps, bees, and ants ), the superfamily Vespoidea ( which includes hornets, yellowjackets, paper wasps, potter wasps, mason wasps, and pollen wasps ), the family Vespidae, the subfamily Polistinae ( paper wasps ), the genus " Polistes ", and the species " metricus ".
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