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  1. In the late years of the yuan dynasty , the liu clan came from fujian to settle at the southern part of guangdong . their descendants later spread to wang mei shan , ling ha , siu lam , sheung yue , fuk tin and sheung shui of the new territories
    自从廖氏一族于元末由福建迁来广东南部以后,子孙渐渐散迁于今日新界的横眉山、岭下、小? 、双鱼、福田、上水一带等地,并建成村落。
  2. Back row from left mr lucas hui chi - kwong , director of centre for information security and cryptography of hku , dr k . p . chow , associate professor of dept of computer science of hku , ms yang yin , associate professor of shandong computer science center and ms wang mei - qin , associate professor of shandong computer science center
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