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  1. Here and there, slender white ibis pecked in the dirt.
  2. A trio of white ibis dine at surf's edge.
  3. The House budget plan does not mention the white ibis.
  4. The mascot of the University of Miami is an American white ibis.
  5. I watched white ibises and, in the distance, great blue herons.
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  7. These guidelines for white ibis habitat are something akin to mandates, he argued.
  8. Biologists hope the flamingos attract more snowy egrets, white ibis and wood storks.
  9. The white ibis issue " is going to go away, " he said.
  10. The pink coloring of the roseate spoonbills stood out from the white ibises and snowy egrets.
  11. _22, 000 pairs of white ibises, a 13-fold increase since 1998.
  12. Back from the beach, flocks of white ibis perched in green copses scattered over the dunes.
  13. Many rare birds have visited the preserve including white ibis, scissor-tailed flycatcher and western kingbird.
  14. Consider in comparison with a Wikipedia Featured Article written by a Rice student on the American White Ibis.
  15. White ibises in the Everglades, particularly, have declined by as much as 90 percent since the 1940s.
  16. Not since the 1940s have the Everglades'imperiled white ibises enjoyed such a great year to raise families.
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