white indians造句


  1. For Magazine Enterprises he contributed to " White Indian ".
  2. The white Indian animal, about two metres tall, is much larger than its Malaysian counterpart.
  3. Then she changed from her street trousers _ tapered black slacks _ into her sheer white Indian pants.
  4. The settlers backed by white Indian nation but the dream ended in an armed conflict by Mexican troops.
  5. Some'white Indians'such as Rhoda Boyd managed to escape back into the native villages; many others were never exchanged.
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  7. Beginning in 1979, Gerson initiated a second series called " White Indian " using the pen name of Donald Clayton Porter.
  8. They rode their motorcycles together, Pete speeding along on a black Harley, Gladys next to him on her white Indian with black trim.
  9. "When we first began, Ruth told us she had never written a screenplay, " said Merchant, dressed in a traditional white Indian tunic.
  10. In effect, the revisions transferred control of the indemnity fund to the white Indian agent and assured that none of the funds would be allocated to the Indians themselves.
  11. The attackers were able to enter the sprawling Parliament grounds by affixing an official-looking sticker and siren to their white Indian-made Ambassador car, of the kind used by government officials.
  12. It was coproduced and filmed in Russia, where it was released as " 5ABL-15;  > 3 >  8 = 459F0 " ( Revenge of the White Indian ).
  13. White Indian cotton stacked like sheets of paper was cut into wrapped dresses, with cascades of pleats down the sides or tucked into the front for lumpy forms that Ms . Kawakubo played with a year ago.
  14. "The white Indians were more approachable to the powers that be, " she says, talking about the hiring practices at the casino and the fact that the Pequots have a variety of skin hues.
  15. Blue Horse's friend E . A . Burbank reported :  At my hotel in Pine Ridge I chanced to meet a white Indian trader who owned a store about twenty-five miles from the agency.
  16. Many devotees who are gifted have seen his apparition, and one among them was a Chinese who saw him entering the temple compound on a white horse in full white Indian attire and was astounded by what he saw.
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