1. SH 25 once went through the town centres of Whitianga and Whangamata.
  2. Keane now lives in Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula.
  3. Whitianga scored 1008 on the Social Deprivation Index.
  4. The driving route to Whitianga from Hahei is circuitous and takes approximately 40 minutes.
  5. A ferry service to Whitianga has served the eastern Mercury Bay area since 1895.
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  7. Headquartered in Tauranga, the airline flies to Ardmore, Whitianga and Great Barrier Island.
  8. Whitianga P, located on the ferry landing side of the river is a notable site.
  9. It is approximately 6 km south east of Whitianga and 6 km north of Hot Water Beach.
  10. They are located off the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, and northeast of the town of Whitianga.
  11. Boat and kayaking tours come from Whitianga in the north and Hahei in the south to visit the area.
  12. The Whitianga Festival Of Speed is a motorsport event in New Zealand that has been running for two years.
  13. SH 25 begins at Coromandel before travelling eastwards across the peninsula to the Bay of Plenty side towards Whitianga.
  14. The town of Whangamata is a popular holiday retreat, and Whitianga on Mercury Bay is renowned for its yachting.
  15. Today Whitianga serves as a small regional centre for the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula and Mercury Bay area.
  16. Historically Whitianga was a centre for boat building, kauri milling, flax milling, gold mining and gum digging.
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