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  1. Johanson studied composition with Charles Jones and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer William Bolcom.
  2. -1970 : William Bolcom : " The Graceful Ghost, " piano rag
  3. But Nakamatsu is back on firm ground with William Bolcom's Nine Bagatelles.
  4. This year's commissioned piece is " Nine Bagatelles " by William Bolcom.
  5. The song cycle was composed by William Bolcom with text by Sandra Seaton.
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  7. He's waiting for a piano concerto for two left hands from William Bolcom.
  8. Program includes premiere of William Bolcom's " A Whitman Triptych ."
  9. The songs enjoyed the early-morning ministrations of Michael Feinstein, William Bolcom and Joan Morris.
  10. William Bolcom and Joan Morris also recorded for the label.
  11. He has also premiered a piano quintet by William Bolcom.
  12. Then Levine offered a wistful performance of William Bolcom's " Graceful Ghost Rag ."
  13. Next on the agenda is a piece by William Bolcom.
  14. Take " McTeague, " which William Bolcom wrote for Lyric Opera of Chicago in 1992.
  15. Born in Portland, Oregon, her musical partner and husband is composer / pianist William Bolcom.
  16. William Bolcom and Louis Andriessen wrote him short works; Pierre Boulez and Luc Ferrari declined.
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