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  1. L . a . zadeh , a famous american electronic engineering and cybernetics scientist with profound insight , played emphasis on this kind of problem and published < < fuzzy sets > > for resolving it in 1965 . he amended and extended set theory - the basis of modern mathematics with a bold hand and brought forward the thinking of using fuzzy set as a mathematical model to representing fuzzy business
    美国著名的电子工程学家和控制论专家扎德( l . a . zadeh )是位很有见识的科学家,他正视并为解决这类问题于1965年,发表了《模糊集合》一文,大胆地对现代数学的基石?集合论进行修改和扩充,提出了用模糊集合( fuzzyset )作为表现模糊事物的数学模型。
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