with a bounce造句

"with a bounce"是什么意思   


  1. He walked after it with a bounce in his step.
  2. She said of Gallara : " He walked with a bounce.
  3. Space probe inflates air bags, lands with a bounce.
  4. He walks off into the night with a bounce in his step.
  5. Players are walking around the halls with a bounce to their step.
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  7. When you come free, Grandpa will hit you with a bounce pass.
  8. But with a bounce like that, there is nothing you can do.
  9. The video features the lyrics with a bouncing ball for viewers to sing along.
  10. She is curvy and walks with a bounce.
  11. It could have been a 5-0 trip with a bounce here and break there.
  12. But Cardozo beat goalkeeper Aldolfo Rios with a bouncing shot off an assist from Jesus Olalde.
  13. And when the Red Sox rule, the whole region wakes with a bounce in its step.
  14. Serbian and Montenegrin striker Savo Milosevic opened the scoring in the 19th minute with a bouncing header.
  15. A year after signing the papers, they still go to work with a bounce in their steps.
  16. "With a bounce we could've come up with 2 points, " said Reid.
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