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  1. He has named the yacht Blue Yankee Pride, and stacked its decks with highly seasoned yachtsmen who have Olympic and America's Cup backgrounds.
  2. He and another Bahamian, 36-year-old Roland Fawkes, earlier this year were charged with unlawful possession of Buchler's 60-foot ( 18-meter ) yacht Blue Jeans.
  3. Englishman Smith put his local knowledge to good use as navigator on board Connecticut millionaire Bob Towse's yacht Blue Yankee which finished the day's two races in first and second in the Big Boat class.
  4. Didier Le Brun, 49, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who captained the 37-foot ( 11-meter ) yacht Blue Hen across the Atlantic, and Laurent Penchef, 32, a dual U . S .-French National of no fixed address, each drew 18-year sentences.
  5. Authorities detained 186 immigrants on Poros, about 50 kilometers ( 31 miles ) south of Athens, while the coast guard found a further 89 found hiding in the U . S .-flagged sailing yacht Blue Bird Hornet sailing off Methana.
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  7. But it was a trying day for the crews of the 1937 Vintage Class entrant Havsoerven, and the Classic division yachts Blue Leopard, from England, and the recently restored New York 50 Marilee, sailed by the New York Yacht Club skipper Larry Snodden.


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