1. The label is currently based in Brooklyn, Design contributors include : PhilistineDSGN, Adam E . Hunt, Jakub Alexander, Martyna Alexander, Ben Saginaw and Taro Yumiba.
  2. The company premiered its third video production, " 5-Incher ", in June 2012 and used the release to introduce new amateur rider Mitchie Brusco, as well as a " flow " team consisting of Matty " Schmatty " Chaffin, CJ Tambornino, Michael Sommer, and Issey Yumiba . ( " Flow " denotes the status of a team member prior to their announcement as an amateur and typically do not receive any financial remuneration . ) The video featured parts from all of the Almost team with the exception of Mullen, who was recovering from an injury and the world premiere occurred in Long Beach, California, US . The company made no mention of Schulte's status and at the time of the premiere, he was no longer listed as a team member.
  3. It's difficult to find yumiba in a sentence. 用yumiba造句挺难的


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