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  1. Yoshiyuki starred in the sequel which included AV idol Yumika Hayashi.
  2. Along with AV idol Yumika Hayashi, Makihara appeared in the third episode of the drama series.
  3. One of the sequels " UratsukidMji : Daiinshin Fukkatsu-hen " starred AV Idol Yumika Hayashi.
  4. The film starred AV idol Yumika Hayashi and it was named the second best film at the Pink Grand Prix festival.
  5. In the film, Hanazawa plays the role of one of star Yumika Hayashi's co-workers and sexual rivals.
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  7. In April 1993, Nakane performed with AV Idol Yumika Hayashi in the pink film, which was distributed by ShintMhM Eiga.
  8. It was screened theatrically in October 2005 after the sudden death of lead actress, Yumika Hayashi, in June of that year.
  9. Nakano was one of several former colleagues who participated in the 2009 documentary by Japanese-Korean director Tetsuaki Matsue on Yumika Hayashi titled.
  10. In 1998 Nakano wrote and directed the V-Cinema release set in the Edo period and starring actresses Yumi Yoshiyuki, Yumika Hayashi and Hotaru Hazuki.
  11. "Miss Peach : Peachy Sweetness Huge Breasts " was AV idol and " pink film " star Yumika Hayashi's last film.
  12. Matsuo says that it was Yumika Hayashi, an AV actress at V & R at the time, who was the indirect cause of his switch to hamedori.
  13. Hashimoto also resumed work in adult videos in 2002 co-starring with Madoka Ozawa and Yumika Hayashi in the Moodyz production " Shitamachi Mixed Bathouse Story ".
  14. In their review of the film, midnighteye . com commented, " The big surprise is that former porn star Yumika Hayashi is also very good as the happy-go-lucky Sachiko ".
  15. When the Yamato arrives at Truk, the married Osako decides to ease his worries over leaving behind a pregnant wife by sneaking an island woman named Momoka ( Yumika Hayashi ) aboard ship for some private recreation.
  16. It was Hirano who, after his former lover Yumika Hayashi had not been to work for a few days, went to her apartment along with Hayashi's mother and found her dead body on July 29, 2005.
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