zhang zhang造句

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  1. This statement is made by the order of the board , the directors of which individually and jointly accept responsibility for the accuracy of this statement . as at the date of this statement , the directors of the company are : executive directors : ma huateng and zhang zhang zhidong ; non - executive directors : charles st leger searle and antonie andries roux ; and independent non - executive directors : li dong sheng , iain ferguson bruce and ian charles stone
    上述声明乃承董事会之命而发表董事会各董事愿就本声明的准确性承担个别及共同的责任。于本声明日期,本公司董事为:执行董事:马化腾和张志东非执行董事: charles st leger searle和antonie andries roux及独立非执行董事:李东生iain ferguson bruce和ian charles stone 。
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