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  1.  I welcomed Anthony in April after he wrote Zone of immunity, and I was immediately impressed by his " respect " for Wikipedia and for other editors.
  2. The distance between these two situations, which is determined by the energy of incoming ordnance and the thickness of the armour of the target vessel, is known as the zone of immunity.
  3. They first had to realize that belt and deck armor had to form one common " zone of immunity, " with the belt setting the inner edge of this zone and the deck, the outer edge.
  4. In August 2012, Stephen M . Walt, Robert and Ren閑 Belfer professor of international relations at Harvard University, argued that the collective sabre rattling from Israel's politicians, and repeated assertions about " closing windows, " " red lines, " and " zones of immunity, " with regard to an imminent Israeli attack against Iran, was bluff.
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