1. History of entomology at the university of Maryland.
  2. On the history and use comparative Athapaskan linguistics.
  3. Programmes éducatifs Canadian military history education to students.
  4. Article de History Wired sur la John Bull.
  5. Alabama: The History of a Deep South State.
  6. It's difficult to find history in a sentence. 用history造句挺难的
  7. «Outline History of Trades Training, 1940-44», S Hist.
  8. «Portuguese Discoveries and International Cartography», Maritime History 1.
  9. Paul Davey, «Our history of achievement», The Nationals.
  10. Résultats du Royal Rumble 2004, Pro Wrestling History.
  11. Geology rocks, «"Precambrian History of England and Wales"».
  12. The early history and relationships of the Diapsida.
  13. The Early History of Harvard University, Harvard University.
  14. History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science.
  15. Garden City, NY: The Natural History Press, 1965.
  16. Programmes éducatifs School visits by local history experts.
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