1. The World's Religions: Old Traditions and Modern Transformations.
  2. Présence du Old Market, comportant quelques petits restaurants.
  3. Capturing The Heart Of Young And Old Alike.
  4. Maison du chef Wiah, Old Massett; v. 1887.
  5. By her old ways abides still every hour.
  6. It's difficult to find old in a sentence. 用old造句挺难的
  7. Was our good old grinnin', gruntin' Gunga Din.
  8. Goes the Weasel et Old Folks at Home.
  9. Old Habits and New Directions, Prentice-Hall, Scarborough, 1997.
  10. Russia Under the Old Regime, New York, 1974.
  11. Old Comrades, Branche des services de l’administration; h.
  12. Patrick's Old Cathedral est maintenant une église paroissiale.
  13. 1911: What Shall We Do with Our Old?
  14. Grad, H. «Fluorides: old and new perspectives», Univ.
  15. Mossolow N., "This Was Old Windhoek", Windhoek: 1965.
  16. 1990, The old man and M. Smith, roman.
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