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  • adj.
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  • There are two oaken tables in our house
  • The heavy oaken furniture had been axed , used for firewood
  • His downcast eyes followed the silent veining of the oaken slab
  • Pandaren with quicker than usual instincts , mangix wields his oaken staff with great efficiency
  • Then he took away his mother s portrait , with its oaken frame , leaving the gilt frame from which he took it black and empty
  • The mouth of the cave was up the hillside - an opening shaped like a letter a . its massive oaken door stood unbarred
  • Caderousse , more and more astonished , went toward a large oaken cupboard , opened it , and gave the abb a long purse of faded red silk , round which were two copper runners that had once been gilt . the abb
  • The grass - plot before the jail , in prison lane , on a certain summer morning , not less than two centuries ago , was occupied by a pretty large number of the inhabitants of boston ; all with their eyes intently fastened on the iron - clamped oaken door
  • The ruddy brick floor smiled up at the smoky ceiling ; the oaken settles , shiny with long wear , exchanged cheerful glances with each other ; plates on the dresser grinned at pots on the shelf , and the merry firelight flickered and played over everything without distinction
  • At about the centre of the oaken panels , that lined the hall , was suspended a suit of mail , not , like the pictures , an ancestral relic , but of the most modern date ; for it had been manufactured by a skilful armourer in london , the same year in which governor bellingham came over to new england . there was a steel headpiece , a cuirass , a gorget , and greaves , with a pair of gauntlets and a sword hanging beneath ; all , and especially the helmet and breastplate , so highly burnished as to glow with white radiance , and scatter an illumination everywhere about upon the floor
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  • consisting of or made of wood of the oak tree; "a solid oak table"; "the old oaken bucket"

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Oaken is a small village in Staffordshire, England. The first mention of the Oaken place-name, was in 1086 when it was listed in the Domesday book as Ache.
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