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  • Q.M.C. = Quartermaster Corps 〔美国〕(陆军)军需兵。
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  • Survey analysis on the quality of the graduates of qmc
  • Vda - qmc offers a combined workshop to enhance the competence in product liability and its relation to the quality management system
  • For quality department managers and auditors this course is a sheer must . the accompanying vda - qmc publication will be available in chinese before the course and is recommended as a pre - reading
    质量部门经理和审核员必须参加此培训。我们推荐相应的vda - qmc中文出版物作为课程前期阅读。
  • A standard joint development process with standardized processes for communication and control has been developed by the german car industry with their supplier under the guidance of vda - qmc
    在vda - qmc的指导下,德国汽车工业与他们的供应商共同开发出了一个联合开发标准,该过程有交流和控制的标准过程。
  • It is just the difficulty that the strongly correlated electron systems can not be studied by analytical methods , a variety of simulative numerical methods come out sequentially . there are a few typical methods such as the exact diagonalization ( ed ) , the qutum monte carlo ( qmc ) , the variation monte carlo ( qmc ) , the renormalization group ( rg ) , and the density matrix renormalization group ( dmrg ) and so on
    正是强关联系统遇到了解析研究的困难,各种数值模拟方法才相继出现,最典型的数值方法有:严格对角化( ed ) ,量子蒙特卡洛( qmc )模拟、变分蒙特卡洛模拟( vmc ) 、数值重整化群( rg )以及密度矩阵重整化群( dmrg )等。
  • In the part of communication board design , we foucs on e1 communication board because of its importance in the telecommunication . we compare the connection and the time - squence between the pins of e1 interface chip and the ones of self - define slot , and then introduce the software implementation based on qmc protocol
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