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rational action 中文是什么意思

用"rational action"造句"rational action"怎么读
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  • Continually strive for patience , perseverance , determination , and rational action
  • Continually strive for patience , perseverance , determination , and rational action
  • One of modern economics basically hypothesis is economic person ' s rational action hypothesis
  • Meanwhile , the exchange rate of rmb should also set the space to float in order to avoid the negative effect induced by over - adjustment and un - rational action
  • Herding behavior on the financial market is a non - rational action , it can bring negative effect on investors ' utility and stabilization on all markets
  • I think that the village fields are " space of games " where all rational players undertake the social struggle for benefits . benefit - games in the village fields are collective rational actions that proceed from the rational governments , cadres to villagers
    本文认为,村庄场域是乡村社会各利益主体展开利益博弈的“游戏空间” ;村庄场域利益博弈是乡村社会各利益主体,在村庄场域内进行理性选择的共同的集体行动。
  • Based on rational action theory , the extended attitude - intention relation is aimed at explaining and predicting the users " technology acceptance model of information system and providing a theoretical base for our research on key factors affecting online shopping
  • The difference is that domestic mbo is the result of institutional transition , but the overseas mbo is the competitive choice , and in china the price difference in share transactions makes managers have the goal to acquire the profits . this article analyzes the game relationship of mbo in china , and proves that the root caucus of china mbo non - prohibiting for the different behalves between local government and national assets management department , and between the representatives of state stockholders and managers . this paper makes an empirical analysis of the mbo performance of 26 listed companies in china and proves that mbo are beneficial to improve company ’ s performance , and further we analyze the problems , which exist in china mbo , and gives some suggestions , we think that the rational action to mbo is to give proper guides , instead of prohibiting it simply
    本文应用委托代理理论、人力资本理论和产权理论等对中西mbo动因进行系统的比较分析,得出结论认为中外mbo具有相同的激励动因,都是知识经济时代智能资本获取企业所有权的企业权力安排形式,不同的是国内mbo是制度转型的结果,而国外mbo是竞争选择的结果,同时由于我国mbo存在股权交易价差,管理层具有获取价差的直接动机;本文运用博弈论的方法对我国mbo “禁而不止”问题进行分析,分析结论认为国资监管部门与地方政府和国有股东代表与管理层之间的利益差异是导致当前我国mbo “禁而不止”的根本原因;文章通过对我国26家上市公司mbo并购绩效的实证分析,得出结论认为mbo有利于公司绩效的改善,进而文章对当前我国mbo存在问题展开分析,并提出几点建议,我们认为当前对我国mbo的理性做法是适当引导,而非简单禁止。
  • Based on the macro - background of chinese agricultural business system transition , this thesis applies james ? s . coleman ' s " theory of rational action " to research practically the classic town in city - hongshan town wuhan city . questionnaire investigation , case interview , on - the - spot observation and examples analysis methods are used to explore systematically agribusiness organizational mechanism ( aom ) of rural community , search for the innovation of aom and recreate the agricultural socialized service system
    本文立足于中国农业经营制度转型这一宏观背景,运用科尔曼的“理性行动理论” ,通过对武汉市洪山乡这样一个典型的“城中之乡”的实地调查,运用问卷调查、个案访谈、实地观察、案例分析等多种方法对农村社区的农业产业化经营组织机制进行系统考察,以寻求农业产业化经营组织机制的创新,再造农业社会化服务体系。
  • This research addressed an urban traffic intelligent control system , which adopts a multi - agents coordination in urban traffic control to coordinate the signal of adjacent intersections for eliminating the congestion of traffic network . an agent represents a signal intersection control , and multi - agents realize coordination of multiple intersections to eliminate congestion . based on recursive modeling method and bayesian learning that enables an agent to select his rational action by examining with other agents by modeling their decision making in conjunction with dynamic belief update . based on this method , a simplified multi - agent traffic control system is established and the results demonstrate its effectiveness . it is very important for its
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