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  • This paper analyzes on the problems existing in the development of rural structural forms in liaoning province , advances some principles of the rational regression of rural structural forms , and puts forward some paths for the rational regression of rural structural forms
  • In addition , guanxi in china represents not just a culture of weak ties ; it profoundly cultivates the chinese social structure owing to its powerful agency to transform its weak valence toward the strong end
  • Interior traffic system correlates compactly with its layout and development . traffic areas and spaces for walking , location of public traffic station and parking lot affect configuration and space composition in a business center district
  • However , the restricted traffic programmes in residential area are closely related to the choices of road net patterns and traffic models . they are direct influences of the structure patterns of residential areas , residence of inhabitants , quality of going out and daily life
  • In order to find out the mechanism of bone growth and biodegradation of this kind materials animal experiment was adopted in this paper , by use of sem , epma and polarizing microscope it discussed the transformation of porous bioceramic after implanted in rabbit ' s femur . in this experiment we got some important findingsfirstly , after implanted the material began to degrade indeed
    利用扫描电镜、电子探针、 x光片以及甲苯胺蓝和he染色等组织学观测手段,本文探讨了- tcp多孔生物陶瓷在植入骨内后结构形态与组成的变化,深入分析了- tcp多孔生物陶瓷的降解机理和晶体转变过程。
  • It is a resplendent pearl that the traditional threshing ground likes to be in siduman traditional architectures of china . most of them are based on both the unique natura ! enviroment and the rich social and historic intention . and also on the basis of humanities . they have their manifestation by means of their external structures
  • As an organism of structure and function , the compound ecosystem of basin is not only a multi - layer and multi - variable system also a harmonic time - space system . in such system each factor includes the scale changing , evolvement rate and exchanging pattern of substance elements embodied by structure forms and information elements embodied by function ability . all these factors will affect the comprehensive function of system seriously
    3 、分析了流域复合生态系统作为一个结构和功能、时空相协调的耦合系统,系统中各要素,包括体现为结构形态的物质要素和体现为功能性质的信息要素等摘要的规模变化、演变速度、转化形式都将影响着整个系统的综合功能。
  • Firstly , the history of mountainous small towns and their traditional town form is analyzed and the characteristics of their outside matter space form and built - in function structure form are reached . secondly , basing on the analysis the characteristics of the modern evolution of mountainous small towns in the district of sichuan chongqing , from seeking nature 、 economy 、 traffic and the society civilization etc , the factor that influences mountainous small towns form ' s evolution is explored . finally , on the foundation of above research , the consideration has been in progress to planning overall guidance principle and built - in function structure form and the other aspect such as characteristic street from etc of mountainous small towns
  • In this paper the formula , the technics , the dosage of the filler and the macromolecule coupling agent are studied which influence the technics condition , mechanical properties , structure configuration . also x - ray large angle diffraction , scan electron microscope , dta etc are used to analysis and test the properties of the pp / talc composites . conclusions as follows : 1
    本文系统地研究了复合体系配方、工艺方法、填料及偶联剂用量对复合体系工艺条件、力学性能及结构形态的影响,同时利用广角x射线衍射、扫描电镜、 dta等对复合体系的性能进行了测试与分析,主要研究内容及结论如下: 1滑石粉的加入,虽然使pp的熔化时间增加,但是混炼能耗下降,有利于pp的加工;偶联剂的加入,使pp的熔化时间增加,能耗略有降低,总体而言,对加工无不利影响。
  • In this thesis , abs / mmt nanocomposites were prepared through several routes including emulsion polymerization process , melt and emulsion mixing . the morphology , mechanical properties and thermal stability of the hybrids were systemically characterized and researched . na - mmt was modified with hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide
    本文采用几种不同的方法制备了abs蒙脱土( mmt )纳米复合材料,系统地研究了复合材料的结构形态、力学性能和耐热性能;探讨了不同制备方法对复合材料性能的影响,优化了制备abs mmt纳米复合材料的工艺条件。
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