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  • Compared with others , it is more regular to express scene data , with better reusability and maintainability of 3d data , large application expansion to 3d data , more reasonable mutual data storage between 2 - dimensional control cabinet and the virtual scene
  • Abstract : considering the special burning situation inside industrial furnace firebox , an infrared calculation model with elimination of the influence of flue gas was established 2 - dimensional temperature patterns of furnace tube temperature in operation was obtained with infrared thermovision , which provides scientific basis for the optimization of process operation
  • The result of the interpretation demonstrates that the application of this software system to 2 - dimensional interactiveinversion of ip and resistivity data can quite satisfactorily infer the spatial shapes and occurrence modes of underground ore ( mineralized ) bodies , and hence provide grounds for rational arrangement of exploration work
  • Our vision is to manager 3d spatial objects by relational database management system and to manipulate the 0 - dimensional object , 1 - dimensional , 2 - dimensional , and 3 - dimensional in unifiable manner . we employ the mature technology of object - relational database in existence to solve some complex problems of spatial operations efficiently
    研究中,我们把三维空间中的0维对象、 1维对象、 2维对象和3维对象纳入了统一的处理框架,为利用现有的数据库技术处理复杂的地理数据探索出一条可行的途径。
  • In this paper , pavement dynamic loading was obtained from field data of pavement unevenness by quarter - truck vehicle model . then , finite element software nastral was employed to investigate the structural response of 2 - dimensional asphalt pavement under different type of excitation , as well as the influence of pavement parameters on the stresses and deflection of the pavement . the effects of arbitrary loading on asphalt pavement were also analyzed . finally , the structural response of 3 - dimensional asphalt pavement subject to excitation was studied
  • The anisotropic property of the generalized difference methods has not been studied until now . in this paper , the anisotropic property of a kind of generalized difference methods is analy - sized and its error estimate is obtained without the limitation of regularity . finally , the numerical examples show that the theoretic analysis is right . in addition , based on the 2 - dimensional quasi - wilson element , the quasi - wilson element in the 3 - dimensional space with application to second - order porblem is presented . lt is proved that it is convergent for arbitrary hexahedron regular subdivision in 3 - dimensional space , and its error estimate is obtained
  • This paper thus presents a 2 - dimensional evaluation criteria , which assesses the social value as the bottom line to ensure that the value activities of every human being has the positive social value , and the dimension of self - value as he source drive and final goal of human value activities under the guide of social value
  • Third , we present some exact global solutions with values in unit sphere for 2 - dimensional landau - lifshitz equations with certain initial - boundary conditions , next , we give a tuft of initial data which generate a group of exact global smooth solutions with values in the unit sphere . these solutions , as we shall prove later , form a continuum
    第三、给出具一定初边值条件的二维landau - lifshitz方程的一些精确的取值于单位球面的整体光滑解,同时给出一簇初值,这簇初值使得landau - lifshitz方程有一簇精确的取值于单位球面的整体光滑解,这簇整体光滑解构成一个连续统。
  • As examples , heterogeneous anisotropic fractured rocks of which the autocorrelation functions of crack number density can be described as 2 - dimensional exponential ellipsoidal or gaussian function were simulated especially . the results show that : 1 ) the random distribution characters could be different for different elastic constants under the same random distribution of crack number density . 2 ) the exponential ellipsoidal heterogeneous anisotropic random fractured model could be a suitable model for the multi - scaled and self - similar heterogeneous media
    模拟结果表明: 1 )弹性常数的分布特征与裂纹数密度的分布特征不相同,并且裂纹数密度对不同的弹性常数有不同程度的影响; 2 )指数椭圆型随机裂缝模型适用于模拟具有多尺度、自相似的特性非均匀裂缝岩石; 3 ) gaussian型随机裂缝模型适用于模拟单尺度、平滑的非均匀裂缝岩石。
  • In chapter 2 and 3 , wave front solutions of the delay reaction - diffusion cui - lawson equation and the 2 - dimensional competitive lotka - volterra systems are obtained by constructing an upper solution and a lower solution of a second differential equation with delay . in chapter 4 , it is discussed that travelling wave solutions of the delay reaction - diffusion equations whose reaction term do not satisfy quasimonotonicity condition or weak quasimonotonicity condition
    在第二章和第三章,利用一类二阶时滞微分方程解的存在性理论,通过构造这类时滞微分方程的上、下解,分别研究了含时滞和扩散的cui - lawson方程和二维竞争型lotka - volterra系统,得到了它们波前解存在的充分条件。
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