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a point of view

"a point of view"的翻译和解释
  • This dissertation focuses on the theoretical basis of crimes involving tax from a point of view the theory of tax law , which significance lies not only in providing new research space for criminal laws but also in making them more in depth . therefore , the systemic study of crimes involving tax was important significance of both criminal theory and judicial practice . crimes involving tax , as a form of criminal crimes harming the relation of tax and law , come into existence with tax revenue
    本文在以下问题上有所突破:第一,提出涉税犯罪称谓的合理性和直观概括性, “以税法为根据,以涉税刑法为标准” ,廓清了涉税犯罪的内涵和外延;第二,对于涉税犯罪的客体提出了新的见解,指出涉税犯罪侵害的客体实质上是税收法律关系,并在税法学的语境中研讨了现代税收法律关系的性质应以公法上债权债务关系为基本定性,在此基础上,构建并解读了“税收法律关系结构示意图” ;第三,探讨了涉税犯罪单位主体认定中的单位人格否认的理论和实践问题。
  • In terms of angle , the thesis makes a thorough study on the similarities and differences between the modern chinese and japanese moral education ideas from such a point of view as they expand and reject the eastern morals and at the same time absorb and transform western morals in the process of formation and development
  • Then , mis dissertation , by discussing the significance of justice to judiciary and the ensuring function of professionalization of judges to judiciary independence and justice , illuminates the necessity professionalization of judges and holds a point of view that professionalization of judges is a basic system in ensuring the judiciary independence and realizing the goal of rule of law , and is the ineluctable way in carrying out our goal of ruling the country by law
  • Abstract : the processes of thermal - bonding and the features of raw material were breifly described , the temperature , pressure and speed to properties of thermal - bonded fabric were demonstratively related on the basis of three specific trials . futhermore , the authors present a point of view about the developing tendency of themal - bonding technologies for hygienic market after having an analysis upon current market status
  • This paper was combined in the marketable competitive situation of group insurance in chengdu , selected group insurance department from company a by way of the object of research . as borrowed ideas from the existing theoretical foundation about strategic management and marketing , from a point of view for competitive
  • The objective of thesis is to find out the exact risk factors and establish a kind of evaluated system that could fit chinese markets . based on foreign researching , this thesis presents a point of view that external risk factors should get more weight in the evaluated system through expert survey
  • This paper attempt to research into bpr with a point of view of economics . in this paper , bpr is discussed in three aspects . firstly , from the theory of division of labor , a thesis is brought forward that the thought of bpr deepened the division of labor
  • Abstract : this paper puts forward a point of view that the cha nges of trasportation stucture bring about the predicament of sustainable develo pment dealing with the analysis to chongqing city ' s statistical datea by 1978 - 1 998 , and gives a possible interpretation according to institation change theory
    文摘:用重庆市1978 - 1998年相关统计数据,结合中国大陆在同一时期的制度演进背景,分析了经济发展与运输发展的关系,提出了一个运输结构演化的制度解释,并揭示其与可持续发展原则的矛盾
  • Based on man ' s recoganition of the hard development of atomis structure and of nature of light , this essay systematically analyzes the part which the critically thinking plays an important role in the development of man ' s recoganizing nature and seeking for the rules of the nature ; and puts forward a point of view , one that critically thinking should be performed in the physics teaching in middle school when it is necessary , aiming at training students ' way of thinking to be scientific and improving students ' scientific accomplishments
  • As a form of attitude - and - emotion - centered education , emotional education is n ' t a kind of concerete teaching method but a kind of educational thinking or idea . it ' s an organic part of full - development education . this article expound the pedagogic theory and psychological basis of carrying out emotional education from a point of view of educational psychology . it also analyses and sums up three deviations in the present emotional education of chinese literature of high school , proposing four rectifying tactics : 1 ) the key to carry out emotional education in chinese literature of high school is to improve the teachers " comprehensive quality
    情感教育,作为一种以态度、情感为中心的教育,它不是一种具体的教学方法,而是一种教育思想,一种教育理念,是全面发展教育的有机组成部分。本文从教育心理学角度出发,阐明实施情感教育的教育学理论和心理学基础,分析和归纳了目前中学语文情感教育现状中的三点偏差,从四个方面提出矫治策略: (一) 、提高教师的综合素质是落实中学语文情感教育的关键。
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