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no credit

"no credit"的翻译和解释
  • 2 lower risk : there is no credit risk of government bond , and the financial bond and corporate bond issued by sound financial institutions are safer than the other securities
  • At the moment , they reckon the company ' s $ 50m market value plus its debt is worth only as much as its plant and outside investments , giving it no credit for its 1 . 5m ounces of gold
  • As part of the financial industry , the non - bank financial sector is a branch of financial system composed of financial institutions with no credit creation function such as securities , insurance and trust and investment companies
  • You know that a conjurer gets no credit when once he has explained his trick ; and if i show you too much of my method of working , you will come to the conclusion that i am a very ordinary individual after all
  • Be sure to respond either by post or by fax to the fax number indicated with the requested documentary support before the reply - by date noted on the request . be sure to indicate in the space provided whether credit is due or no credit is due , as supported by your attached documentation
  • Mr . teeters , who formerly worked as an engineer with the manufacturers who widely introduced electronic key card locks to the industry in the 1980 ' s , said no credit card numbers or other such personal data were directly encoded on key cards in any system of which he was aware
  • " i can readily believe , " answered he gravely , " that report may vary greatly with respect to me ; and i could wish , miss bennet , that you were not to sketch my character at the present moment , as there is reason to fear that the performance would reflect no credit on either .
    他严肃的答道: “人家对于我的看法极不一致,我相信其中一定大有出入。班纳特小姐,我希望你目前还是不要刻画我的性格,我怕这样做,结果对于你我都没有好处。 ”
  • Due to the imperfection of the credit system and management mechanism , enterprises are suffering from some substantive bad account and series of chain debt . there is even a plaint prevailing among many enterprises “ selling on account beget a dead end ; no credit sale is waiting to die ”
    由于我国目前社会信用体制不完善、企业管理水平低下的限制,在相当长的时间里出现了巨额的坏账、 “三角债” ,很多企业竟然发出了“赊销是找死,不赊销是等死”的感叹。
  • Little salary caused the teachers dissatisfaction with their jobs and hindered the development of sichuan elementary education fourthly , primary school teachers had no credit worthiness , which resulted from poor ability of themselves , the high cost , rapid development but inefficiency of the elementary education
  • " upon my word , " said albert , " i deserve no credit for what i could not help , namely , a determination to take everything as i found it , and to let those bandits see , that although men get into troublesome scrapes all over the world , there is no nation but the french that can smile even in the face of grim death himself
    “老实说, ”阿尔贝说, “我对于自己无能为力的事是从不去枉费心机的,也就是说,随遇而安吧,我是要让那些强盗看看,虽然全世界各地都有人会遭遇到棘手的困境,却只有法兰西民族既便在狰狞的死神面前还能微笑。
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