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precise timing

"precise timing"的翻译和解释
  • The humors derived from a comedy depends on precise timing ( in that sense , charles chaplin and buster keaton are the masters of good timing in gags ) , it is hard for a gag to work if the duration of a scene is too long or too short
  • The random excitations are transformed into pseudo excitations expressed in the state equations before the resulting deterministic equations of motion are solved by the proposed precise time - integration scheme with augmented matrix and in unified form
  • In chapter 2 , the precise time integration ( pti ) method for the analysis of transient system is discussed . as for linear problem , the detail procedures of the algorithm and several integral formulations for different kinds of non - homogenous terms are presented
  • Teh48s teh48ss series intelligent time relays . adopting technology of single chip , high precision , simple operation , small size according to international standard , and p0werful anti - interference . they are widely used in machinery which requires precise time to control
  • The precise time - interval measuring is widely used in all kinds of scientific experiments , especially in some large - scale physical experiments such as detonation experiment and particle acceleration experiment , in which some important parameters are obtained by time - interval measuring
  • The object in hand being to show that the prisoner went down , with some fellow - plotter untracked , in the dover mail on that friday night in november five years ago , and got out of the mail in the night , as a blind , at a place where he did not remain , but from which he travelled back some dozen miles or more , to a garrison and dockyard , and there collected information ; a witness was called to identify him as having been at the precise time required , in the coffee - room of an hotel in that garrison - and - dockyard town , waiting for another person
  • This paper suggests that in dems , priority levels be used to solve the problem of absolute time sequence consistency and data view be used to solve the problem of relative time sequence consistency . system time synchronization becomes a serious problem in large dems , this paper studies time synchronization technology , considering system expansibility and high precise time synchronization , and suggests that a design thinking of ntp solves time synchronization in dems
  • The software could realize the wavemaker system control , data acpuisition , data analysis and sensor calibration , the applacation of multi - thread technology , precise timing technology and memory management technology in the wavemaker system is described respectively . furthermore , the software realizes real - time display of sampling process with directx technology and adopts object - oriented thinking to handle interfacing card . estimateing spectrum with ar model and calibrating the sensor with least square algorithm are also discussed in detail
  • This article describes a way of special ultrasonic system which monitors thermal stress in seamless welded rails . this monitoring system is a non destructive testing system , which adopts avr mcu and high - precise time chip processing as the core of it , and adopts the critically refracted longitudinal wave as the object of measuring . my studying focuses on the theory of the monitoring system , which will be listed in this arctile : according to the snell theory , the theory of motivating of critically refracted longitudinal wave is described in details , and the finite element software is used to emulate the propagating course . the formulas of calculating the pts of swr are taken from the acoustoelasticity theory , and the calculating the parameters is introduced . according to assemble materials , three kinds of ways of monitoring the pts of swr using critically refracted longitudinal wave are described , which are measuring the sound - time in changeless distance , ultrasonic critical - angle refractomery and frequency spectrum , the first way of ways is used in this experiment system . the factors , which effect the monitoring system , are assaid in some degree based
  • By using high - speed data acquisitioning unit designed specially to capture travelling waves of transient current , using global positioning system ( gps ) to supply high precise time tagging for both ends , using wavelet transform theories to identify the head of the travelling waves , the fault locator can realize high precise double - ended travelling waves location
    该测距装置采用专门设计的高速采样单元捕获暂态电流行波信号,用全球定位系统( gps )为线路两端提供精度高达1 s的统一时标,用小波变换理论识别暂态电流行波波头信息,从而可以实现高精度的双端行波法测距( 150m ) 。
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