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student place 中文是什么意思

用"student place"造句"student place"怎么读
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  • "student"中文翻译    n. 1.(大)学生〔美国也指中学生〕;(大学、研究院的 ...
  • "place"中文翻译    n. 1.地方,场所,处;所在,位置;〔抽象名词〕空间 ...
  • "as a student"中文翻译    作为学生
  • "student"中文翻译    n. 1.(大)学生〔美国也指中学生〕;(大学、研究院的)研究生;(牛津大学 Christ Church 的)公费研究生。 2.研究者;学者。 a student of life 研究生命问题的学者。 3.〔美俚〕初学者,初学吸毒的人。 a law student 法科学生。
  • "the student"中文翻译    心动的感觉; 学生
  • "be in place"中文翻译    已经到位
  • "by place"中文翻译    偏僻地方罕见的情景
  • "by-place"中文翻译    穷乡僻壤。
  • "for a place"中文翻译    你背上行囊
  • "in place"中文翻译    不合适 ; 到位; 就其位,适当的; 原地; 在合适的位置;适当的,相称的; 在合适地位置; 在适当的位置, 适当; 在适当的位置;适当的; 在适当的位置;相称的; 在适当位置; 在原处; 在原位
  • "in place of"中文翻译    代替,交换,取代; 代替,普代,交换; 代替,取代; 代替;而不是;更换; 而不是
  • "in the place of"中文翻译    在地方; 在…地方
  • "in-place"中文翻译    就地; 在位 现地; 在应有的位置
  • "place"中文翻译    n. 1.地方,场所,处;所在,位置;〔抽象名词〕空间 (opp. time)。 2.(书中的)处所,页。 3.市区;市,镇,村;〔多用作专用名词〕广场,十字路口;路,街。 4.建筑物;住处,寓所,住宅;〔英国〕乡下大宅院;〔美国〕乡下小地产;本部;室,办事处。 5.立场,处境;地位,身分,资格;职,官职,本分;高位。 6.座位,席位。 7.【数学】位,次序;【赛跑】头二三名;入选;【赛马】第二名 (opp. win); 【足球】=place-kick. a place of arms 军队集合处;要塞;火药库。 a place of business 营业处。 There is no [not any] place for you. 没有你的位置,没有容纳你的余地。 Put yourself in my place. 请你设身处地替我想一想。 Come to my place tomorrow. 明天请你到我家里来。 my place 舍间。 at our place 在我们家里。 There is always a place for you at our table. 请你随时来吃便饭。 Calculate to 3 places of decimals. 算到小数点第三位。 The mare was beaten for a place by a short head. 那匹母马以不到一头之差屈居第二名。 a place in the sun 有利地位;优越的立场[处境]。 a wild place in the road 〔美俚〕小城镇。 all over the place 到处。 another place 〔英国〕(在下院指)上院,(在上院指)下院。 As much as my place is worth to do ... 做(那种事),我的饭碗就要打破了。 be no place for 不是…来的地方;没有…的余地(There is no place (left) for doubt. 没有怀疑的余地。It is no place for you. 这儿不是你来的地方)。 find [lose] one's place 找到[失去](书中)地方。 from place to place 处处。 get a place 【赛马】得第三名。 get places 〔美俚〕到各处走动。 give place to 让位于,被…所代替。 go places 〔美俚〕 1. 出去寻乐。 2. 表演精彩;成功,胜利。 have a soft place in one's heart for sb. 对某人有爱情,对某人有好感。 in place 得其所,在适当位置;适当的。 in place of 代替。 in places 多处,到处,处处。 in the first [second, last] place 第一[第二,最后]。 in the next place 其次,第二点。 keep people in their proper places 使人安分守己。 keep sb. in his place 抑制某人;使某人安分。 know one's place 识分寸,不越分。 lose one's place 失去地位,失业。 make place 腾出地方。 make place for 给…留座位。 out of place 不得其所的;不适当的;不相称的;碍事的;失着业。 put sb. in his place 使某人不敢越轨。 take one's place 就位,就席,就座。 take place 发生;举行。 take the place of 代替某人,接替某人的位置。 the high place 祭坛;偶像。 the other place 地狱。 vt. 1.放;安置;排列,整顿。 2.使就(职);任命…为(牧师)。 3.贷(款);投资。 4.发出(订单),订(货);交…出版。 5.把(信赖、希望等)寄托于。 6.定(场所[日期]);评定(等级)。 7.认出,想起;了解。 8.定(赛跑的)跑到次序〔向例到第三名为止〕;【棒球、网球】(把球)打向一定地方。 9.把声量、音域适当控制着说[唱]。 I will place anything at your service. 任何东西均请随意使用。 place one's confidence in [on] a friend 相信朋友,信赖朋友。 I know his face, but I can't quite place him. 我认识他的面孔,可是想不起是谁。 a very difficult person to place 一个难判断其身份的人物。 vi. 【赛马】跑赢〔通常指头、二、三名〕。 be placed 【体育】入选。 place oneself on record 〔美国〕许下诺言,约定。 adj. -able 可被确定位置的。 adj. -less 没有固定位置的。
  • "the place"中文翻译    地方剧场
  • "the place of"中文翻译    代替,取代
  • "to a place"中文翻译    一个地方
  • "place to place"中文翻译    处处
  • "backward student; laggard student"中文翻译    迟钝学生
  • "university student; college student"中文翻译    大学生
  • "a fellow student"中文翻译    学长
  • "a gifted student"中文翻译    一位有天赋的学生
  • "a graduate student"中文翻译    研究生
  • "a hard student"中文翻译    一位勤奋的学生
  • "a law student"中文翻译    法律系学生
  • A group of student placed a wreath at the tomb of the national hero
  • A group of students placed a wreath at the tomb of the national hero
  • Two lebanese students placed bombs on regional trains , though these fortunately failed to explode
  • Two lebanese students placed bombs on regional trains , though these fortunately failed to explode
  • He and his students placed microphones and speakers around the fan , analyzing the nature of the sounds they would have to suppress
  • It is expected that the planned student places for nursing education in that triennium will be made known to the ugc - funded institutions by the ugc in early 2005
  • You are registered as a full - time student and take up an exclusively university grants committee - funded or exclusively publicly - funded student place of a
  • Fifth , with global demand for international higher education student places forecast to grow from 2 . 1 million in 2003 to some 5 . 8 million in 2020 , i can announce that we will make it possible for chinese students to stay and work in our economy for a year after higher education
  • Government grants and loans full - time students who have the right of abode in hong kong or have resided or have had their homes in hong kong continuously for three completed years immediately prior to the commencement of the course this does not cover students studying in hong kong holding student visas and taking programmes and student places which are
    拥有香港居留权,或在课程开始前已连续在香港居住或其家庭在香港已居住满三年之全日制学生(并不包括持有香港学生签证的留学生) ,并攻读在课程编号一览表(附载于由政府学生资助办事处出版的本地专上学生资助计划* )所载列的课程,而课程及学额是全数由大学教育资助委员会或公帑所资助者* ,则可申请由政府提供之本地专上学生资助计划* 。
  • The initiative was also a response to reduced faculty budget and the number of student places over the past five years , which had lead to a situation where a number of departments in the faculty had only 3 to 4 teachers . with a heavy administrative workload on top of their teaching and research commitments , this situation was untenable in the long run
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