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音标:[ sʌtʃ, sətʃ ]  发音:  
用"such"造句"such"怎么读"such" in a sentence"such"的同义词
  • adj.
    〔无比较级及最高级。在句中可用作定语、表语;有时为避免形容词的重复出现可作代用词;与 all, any, many, no, one, few, some 一起修饰名词时,放在这些词的后面;引出形容词从句修饰名词时,一般放在名词的前面,如放在后面,则含有轻蔑意味;与另一形容词一起修饰单数名词时位于不定冠词 a(n) 之前,如 such a big table〕。
    1.(a) 那样的,这样的,那种,这种。 such a man 那样的人。 such men 那样的人们。 all such men 所有那一类人。 any [some] such man [thing] 一个这样的人[东西]。 no such thing 那种事情不会有!不会!such a(n) one 〔雅〕那样的人;〔古语〕某人。 He is not well off, only he seems such. 他并不富裕,只是像富裕罢了。 Long may he continue such! 希望他永远那样!You may use my car, such as it is. 这样一部汽车,请将就用吧。 S- is life [the world]! 人生就是这样! S- master, such servant. 有其主必有其仆。 (b) 〔用作关连词,与 as 相呼应〕像…那样的。 such things as iron, silver, and gold 铁、银、金这一类东西。 I said no such thing (as that). 我没说那种事。 Children such as these will never learn anything. 这样的孩子是学不到什么东西的。 I am not such a fool (=so foolish) as to believe that. 我不是连那种事都会相信的笨蛋。 His illness was not (one) such as to cause anxiety. 他的病不是那种令人着急的病。 (c) 〔用作关连词,与 that 相呼应〕如此…以致。 She had such a fright that she fainted. 她吓得昏倒了。 S- was the force of the explosion that all the windows were broken. 爆炸力大得把所有的窗子都震破了。
    2.(a) 〔和形容词连用〕那样,这样;〔口语〕非常。 I have never met such a good man. 我从来没有碰见过那样好的人。 such a big stick 那样大的手杖。 We had such a pleasant time (=so pleasant a time). 〔口语〕我们那时候真是开心极了。 (b) 〔不连接形容词,直接连接名词〕那样好的,漂亮的,了不得的,伟大的,厉害的,这样坏的。 Did you ever see such weather 你见过这样坏[好]的天气没有? We had such sport! 我们(那时)玩得有趣极了!We never had such sport. 我们从来没有那样快活过。 He cannot come too often, he gives such pleasure. 他这样有趣,可惜他不常来。 Don't be in such a hurry. 别这样慌呀。
    3.〔法律条文或商业文件用语〕上述的,上开的,此类的。 Whoever shall make such return .... 作上述报告者…。

    1.这样的人[物]〔通常指复数〕。 I dislike such. 我不欢喜那种东西。
    2.…的人们[东西]〔such person(s) 或 suchthing(s) 之意〕。 such as believe me 相信我的人们。

    all such 大家,人人,人们(So peace to all such。祝大家平安。 all such as have erred 有错的人们)。 and such 〔口语〕等等(tools, machines, and such 工具、机器等等)。 another such 再一个那样的人[物],同样的一个人[物]。 as such 本身;以那个资格[身分],名符其实地(Wealth, as such, doesn't matter much 财富本身算不了什么。 In country places strangers are welcome as such. 在乡间,外乡人是名符其实作为外乡人受到欢迎的)。 such as it is 品质不好的,没有什么价值的(东西) (He won't refuse to give you his help, such as it is. 他不会拒绝帮助你的,尽管对你帮助不大)。
  • There's such a thing as moderation in all matters .
  • Do n't lose your temper over such a trifle ..
  • Such is one sample of the earliest true men .
  • Selection will root out such organism .
  • I request them to stop making such a noise ..
  • I disdain to chronicle such victories .
  • He was tired to such a degree that he fainted ...
  • He had such a funny friendly sort of face .
  • Such an impertinence amazed him .
  • I do n't feel up to such a long journey .
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  • to so extreme a degree; "he is such a baby"; "Such rich people!"

  • to so extreme a degree; "he is such a baby"; "Such rich people!"

  • of so extreme a degree or extent; "such weeping"; "so much weeping"; "such a help"; "such grief"; "never dreamed of such beauty"

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