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swain 中文是什么意思

音标:[ swein ]  发音:
名词复数: swains   
用"swain"造句"swain"怎么读"swain"的同义词"swain" meaning
  • n.
  • But if she was a maypole, she had beautiful roses about her head, and it is a fact that many swains were disposed to dance round her .
  • Screening of low higher - alcohols and diacetyl producing saccharomyces cerevisiae swain with ultraviolet mutagenesis
  • Compared to other poisonous weeds , swain - sonine is the toxic constituent of astragalus variabilis bunge
  • In the following part of it , this thesis concentrates on demonstrating the relationship between reading and writing
  • The retrieval results show that our region - of - interest ( roi ) based retrieval approach performs much better than the swain ' s method based on global color histogram
  • On the other hand , swain also claimed in the output hypothesis that as learners reflect upon their own target language uses , their output serves a metalinguistic function , enabling them to control and internalize linguistic knowledge
    写作对阅读有巨大的促动作用。 swain在其“输出假说”理论中认为,必须经过大量的语言实践活动,才能内化输入的语言,最后达到习得语言的目的。
  • However , the storm was so violent , that i saw what is not often seen , the master , the boat - swain , and some others more sensible than the rest , at their prayers , and expecting every moment when the ship would go to the bottom
  • Towards evening the mate and boat - swain begg d the master of our ship to let them cut away the foremast , which he was very unwilling to : but the boat - swain protesting to him , that if he did not , the ship would founder , he consented ; and when they had cut away the foremast , the main - mast stood so loose , and shook the ship so much , they were obliged to cut her away also , and make a clear deck
  • But instead of going back to stacks gate she went and lodged with that mrs swain at beggarlee , because her brother dan s wife wouldn t have her . and she kept going to old mrs mellors house , to catch him , and she began swearing he d got in bed with her in the cottage and she went to a lawyer to make him pay her an allowance . she s grown heavy , and more common than ever , and as strong as a bull
  • An acclimatised britisher he had seen that summer eve from the footplate of an engine cab of the loop line railway company while the rain refrained from falling glimpses , as it were , through the windows of loveful households in dublin city and urban district of scenes truly rural of happiness of the better land with dockrell s wallpaper at one and ninepence a dozen , innocent british born bairns lisping prayers to the sacred infant , youthful scholars grappling with their pensums , model young ladies playing on the pianoforte or anon all with fervour reciting the family rosary round the crackling yulelog while in the boreens and green lanes the colleens with their swains strolled what times the strains of the organtoned melodeon britannia metalbound with four acting stops and twelvefold bellows , a sacrifice , greatest bargain ever . .
  • a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman; "if I''d known he was her boyfriend I wouldn''t have asked"
    同义词:boyfriend, fellow, beau, young man,

  • swainとは意味:{名-1} : 〈古〉田舎の若者、牧者 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {名-2} : 〈古〉色男、(男性の)愛人 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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