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t矩阵 的英文

  • t matrix
  • For a single sphere , t matrix method is compared with mie theory in both equation expression and numerical results
  • In chapter 4 windowed function of data signal processing is introduced and applied to addition theorem , which succeeds in solving the difficult problem : it has a bad result when recursive t - matrix is applied to calculate the wave scattering of electrically large objects and multiple objects in the excitation of te wave
  • In the paper , the new electromagnetic scattering algorithms have been introduced - recursive aggregate t - matrix algorithm ( ratma ) and fast multipole algorithm ( fma ) . two kinds of methods are precise and efficient and have advantages over conventional method of moment in computational speed and requirement for storage space
  • Thirdly , the cluster - cluster aggregation model is used to study the possible structure of aggregated smokescreen particle . we also develop the mathematical radiation extinction model of aggregated particle based on t - matrix method . associated with monte carlo method , another computer program is designed to simulate the extinction cross section and scattering cross section of actually aggregated particle
  • In the first part , the basic knowledge of particle scattering in meteorology and physics was introduced . the particles to be discussed include aerosol particles , fog droplets and raindrops and the em wave band in the discussion is near - infrared . in the second part , the mie theory was briefly reviewed and was applied to investigate the scattering characteristics of spherical atmospheric particles , the result shows that in the visibility measurement meter using forward - scattering method , when the working wavelegth is between 0 . 8 m ~ 2 m , the scattering angle is between 25 ~ 40 , the distinguishability and the relative scattering intensity would be better than those under other conditions . in the third part , the superellipsoid was used to describe a wide range of shapes such as spheres . ellipsoids and cylinders . an improved t - matrix method which can be used to calculate arbitry shaped particle ' s scattering field was introduced , and the scattering characteristics of non - spherical atmospheric particles was investigated with this method
    计算结果表明,从相对散射强度、同一方向上不同粒子散射的可区分程度来看,在散射式能见度探测仪器中,工作波长介于0 . 86 m 2 m ,探测角度选取前向25度40度时,探测的结果将会是比较理想的。第三部分中,使用超椭球方程来统一描述各种非球形粒子的形状,然后使用t矩阵方法计算了一些形状的非球形粒子的近红外散射特性。另外,在本文中还针对球形粒子的散射场提供了一种三维可视化方法,使对散射场强度的空间分布的理解更加简单,直观。
  • Another mode of the total t matrix is derivated from the integral equation . finally the calculation result of two dielectric cylinders pro ves the effectiveness of windowed function and the correctness of the expression of the total t - matrix . windowed function is also applied into fma , which can accelerate the computation speed of the fma
  • The ratma can calculate the electromagnetic scattering of multiple cylinders , and can be used in remote sensing . in chapter 2 simply derivation of the ratma is given by the addition theorem , and the general t matrix of single cylinder is deduced . the worked out examples show th e effectiveness of the ratma in the analysis of the scattering field of single cylinder or multiple cylinders
    由于递推t矩阵法不仅可以计算多个柱体或不同形状柱体的散射,而且可计算遥感上三维物体的散射,在第二章中,利用加法定理,简要地推导了递推t矩阵法,并用解析法推出了单个圆柱体在各种情况下的t矩阵(此t矩阵对导体和介质圆柱体的散射场计算都适用) ,最后计算了单个导体圆柱和两个不同大小介质圆柱体的散射场。
  • Secondly , the mathematical radiation extinction model of nonspherical particle is developed based on t - matrix method , and a computer program is designed to calculate the extinction cross section , scattering cross section , absorption cross section and scattering phase function of fixed or randomly oriented axially symmetric particle
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