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weight lose 中文是什么意思

用"weight lose"造句"weight lose"怎么读
  • 体重减轻
  • "weight"中文翻译    n. 1.重量;体重;求心力,重力,(地心)引力。 2. ...
  • "lose"中文翻译    vt. (lost ;losing ) 1.丢失,丧失。 ...
  • "lose weight"中文翻译    减肥;降体重; 减轻体重; 体重减轻
  • "to lose weight"中文翻译    减肥,减轻体重; 体重减轻
  • "eager to lose weight"中文翻译    盼望减肥
  • "failure to lose weight"中文翻译    体重未丧失
  • "how to lose weight"中文翻译    减肥方法
  • "lose one’s weight"中文翻译    减重
  • "lose some weight"中文翻译    减肥
  • "lose weight by riding"中文翻译    骑马减肥
  • "cut out sweets in order to lose weight"中文翻译    为了减轻体重而戒食糖果
  • "i really need to lose some weight"中文翻译    我真的需要减肥了。
  • "lose"中文翻译    vt. (lost ;losing ) 1.丢失,丧失。 lose one's balance 失去平衡,跌倒。 lose one's head 被斩首;被搞糊涂。 lose one's life 丢了性命。 The doctor loses his patient. 医生没有治好病人;病人另找医生了。 2.迷失,使迷路,使迷惑。 lose oneself [be lost] in the woods 在森林中迷路。 lose one's way 迷路。 3.白费,浪费。 lose no time in beginning work 立即开始工作。 There is no love lost between the two. (a) 〔废语〕他们彼此相爱。 (b) 他们并不相爱。 There's not a moment to lose. 一分钟也不能浪费。 4.错过。 lose an opportunity 错过机会。 lose one's train 没赶上火车。 5.看漏,听漏,逸失,放跑。 I did not lose a word of his speech. 他的演说我没有听漏一个字。 lose the thread of an argument 抓不住论据的线索。 6.输掉;使失败。 lose a battle 战败。 lose a game 输一局。 The motion was lost by a majority of two. 动议以两票之差被否决了。 7.〔主用被动语态〕灭亡,杀死,破坏,湮没。 be lost to all sense of shame 恬不知耻。 The ship was lost with all hands. 那艘船和船上所有的人一齐沉没了。 8.忘记。 lose one's French 法语都忘光了。 9.摆脱,脱离。 lose one's cold 伤风好了。 lose one's fear 解除忧虑。 10.使失去。 Reckless driving may lose you even your life. 乱开车甚至会送掉你的命。 Such behaviour lost him our trust. 他这种行为使我们不再信任他了。 vi. 1.亏本,蚀本;受损失。 I don't want you to lose by me. 我不愿让你为我受损失。 2.失败;输 (opp. win). 3.(钟、表等)走慢。 Does your watch gain or lose? 你的表走得快,还是走得慢? 4. 衰弱。 The invalid is losing. 病人在逐渐衰弱。 lose in beauty (人老)色衰。 lose one's labour [pains] 白费气力。 lose one's temper 发怒。 lose out 〔美口〕失败,输掉。 lose the battle [day, field] 战败。 lose the scent of 失去嗅迹,失去猎物的踪迹。
  • "lose by"中文翻译    因...而遭受损失
  • "lose it"中文翻译    别让这感觉溜走
  • "lose to"中文翻译    败给; 输给,败于
  • "to lose"中文翻译    失利
  • "lose initiative lose a tempo"中文翻译    失一先
  • "by the weight"中文翻译    按重量付钱
  • "by weight"中文翻译    按重量装填; 重量计量进料
  • "not weight"中文翻译    级外级
  • "of weight"中文翻译    重量证书
  • "the weight"中文翻译    重量
  • "weight"中文翻译    n. 1.重量;体重;求心力,重力,(地心)引力。 2.斤两,分量,衡,计重单位。 3.(压东西的)重物。 4.砝码,秤锤,秤砣。 5.重担,重压;负担,重任。 6.重要性;影响力,势力。 7.【统计】权,加重值,权重,重要度。 8.(合于季节的衣料的)重量,厚薄。 9.拉弓所需的力。 10.【赛马】马应负载的重量〔包括马鞍、骑师等〕。 11.(拳师、摔跤手等的)体重级别。 a paper weight 镇纸。 a pound weight 一磅重的秤砣[砝码]。 a man of weight 重要人物,有势力的人。 a suit of summer weight 夏服一套。 by weight 论重量(卖等)。 carry great [no] weight 极[不]重要,极受[不受]重视。 gain [lose] weight 体重增加[减少]。 give short weight 骗秤头,克扣斤两。 have weight with (sb.) 对(某人)有影响。 pull one's weight 尽自己的本分〔见 pull 条〕 put on weight 体重增加,发胖。 throw one's weight about 大摆架子;作威作福,仗势欺人。 under the weight of 在…的重压下,迫于…。 weight empty 空重,皮重;空载。 weights and measures 度量衡。 vt. 1.在…上加重量,把重量放在…上。 2.使负担,装载;使负重担,装载过重;折磨,压迫。 3.在(织品、丝等内)搀重晶石(等)以增加分量。 4.【统计】使加权,附加加重值于。 5.视…为重要,强调。 weighted with 因…加重;因…烦恼。 adj. -less 无重的;失重的。 n. -lessness 失重。
  • "call lose"中文翻译    呼叫丢失
  • This controller can be used in vibration massager with 4 rotating speeds for weight losing exercise . ce & gs certificates have been obtained
  • Because the cargo inherent shortcoming , the nature either the flaw cause the volume or the weight lose money , either any other extinguish loses or the damage
  • Sister teresa mo used this trend to open various courses e . g . " dancing lion for kids " and " weight losing dancing lion " etc to make easy money
  • Besides , the measuring accuracy of the apparatus has been considerably increased , the size made smaller , and weight lost , so that they are fit for a viation use
  • Doctors say obesity also known as severe overweight , it ' s a complex condition , a doctor may advise a medical interventions in addition to changes in behavior , but experts say the most successful weight lost plans include a well balance diet and exercise
  • During the temperature of 360410 , the weight lose was aboutl . 8 % of both sample a and sample b . the calculating result of n ( water molecular number ) was n = 1 . 59 ( sample a ) , n = 1 . 79 ( sample b ) respectively . li + ion storage properties in xos xerogel films were related to the content of v5 + ion and the situation number that li + ion were capable to hold
  • The yo - yo effect of repeated weight loss and weight gain , which occurs in those who follow a repeated pattern of dieting to lose weight rapidly , but then gradually regain the weight lost when they return to old eating habits , brings its own health risks and makes long term weight control increasingly more difficult
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