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adjustment coefficient造句

"adjustment coefficient"是什么意思  
  • Based on the numerical analysis , a settlement formula is suggested and pertinent adjustment coefficients are produced . composite foundation settlement can be computed from the pertinent natural foundation deformation and the adjustment coefficients
  • Risk theory is a hot topic in the present actuarial science and mathematics research . it helps to construct the risk model in the light of the instrument of stochastic processes and to study the problems of ruin probability and adjustment coefficient
  • Based on analysis and comparison of existing test data applied to existing ultimate strength prediction models , interfacial stress at the end of plate is deduced . after formulas for calculating the effective moment of inertia for frp - strengthened beams being revised and adjustment coefficient related to nominal main steel reinforcement ratio and curtailment length ratio being put forward , strength prediction formulas of compound beams under plate end debonding failure are established . in analysis of strength of compound beams under intermediate crack induced interfacial debonding failure mode , several bond strengths and their relation are introduced
  • The features of the new edition are : comprehensively reflecting enterprise performance , centered on efficiency ; combining quantitative indices and qualitative indices progressively ; determining the total score of basic indices by graded basic score and adjustment score set by work - result coefficient ; determining adjustment coefficient and basic evaluation score by the coordination of adjustment indices and basic in - dices ; and reducing the subjectivity in evaluation through reference criteria of evaluation
  • The paper makes simulation for each type of electro - hydraulic regulating system of turbine . the results of simulation show that for the francis and kaplan turbines the contradiction between regulation time and pressure increasing can be solved by logical chosen of feedback adjustment coefficient and control cost - weighting matrix . for tublar turbine the dynamic matrix pi control scheme can effectively solves the difficulty of speed stabling of this type turbine
  • In the study of risk theory , a class of continuous time risk process with deficit - time geometry distribution of claim inter - occurrence time was made into a strong piecewise - deterministic markov process with the theory of piecewise - deterministic markov process and by introducing a supplementary variable . martingale approach is one of the most powerful methods of pdmp . the programming process is getting the ruin probability from the martingale construction . we use the idea of change of measure in the programming process and find the result and the function of adjustment coefficient
  • This risk process is made into a homogeneous piecewise deterministic markov process by introducing supplementary components from forward markovization technique . then a martingale is found by the martingale approach of piecewise deterministic markov process ( pdmp ) . the general expression and the lundberg bound of the ruin probability are derived subsequently . the idea of change of the probability measure and the adjustment coefficient are used to find the lundberg bound
    首先利用向前马尔可夫技巧使此风险过程成为齐次马尔可夫过程,然后利用逐段决定马尔可夫过程( pdmp )中的鞅方法,得到本文风险模型中鞅的形式,继而求得索赔额分布为一般离散分布的破产概率的一般表达式,并得到破产概率的lundberg界,这里用到了测度变换的思想,从中可以看出调节系数的重要作用。
  • In consideration of multitype risk in the operation of insurance companies , this paper studies some important variables in insurance business and then comes to the conclusion that the surplus process is related to safe load and individual claim amount distribution when the preliminary reserve is zero while the surplus process is related to adjustment coefficient when the preliminary reserve is beyond zero
  • Ambagaspitiya ( 1998 ) considered a general method of constructing a vector p ( p 2 ) dependent claim numbers from a vector of independent random variables , and derived formulas to compute the correlated aggregate claim distribution for corresponding common shock model with p dependent classes of business . cossotte and marceau ( 2000 ) used a discrete - time approach to study how the common shodcaffects the finite - time ruin probabilities and the adjustment coefficient
    Ambagaspitiya ( 1998 )通过向量的方法解决了一类索赔次数相关的风险模型,推导出了最大损失量的表达式; cossetteandmarceau ( 2000 )考虑了离散时间下相关是如何影响有限时间的破产概率与调整系数的问题; yuen , k
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