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ageing characteristics造句

"ageing characteristics"是什么意思  
  • We are to properly analyze the ageing characteristics as well .
  • Talk about the epic ages characteristics of the yong of the tang dynasty
  • Lubricating oils - determination of aging characteristics - conradson carbon residus method
  • The age characteristics of body self - description of 9 - 18 years old teenagers
  • Research on age characteristics of constructing football players ' tactic consciousness
  • Measurement of the aging characteristics in human color vision by rayleigh match
  • Analysis on the age characteristics of step test indexes and its influential factors
  • Annual aging characteristic
  • Analysis on age characteristics of sport life among nba elite center - position basketball players
  • Research on children ' s cognitieve development about author ' s age characteristic of drawings
  • It's difficult to see ageing characteristics in a sentence. 用ageing characteristics造句挺难的
  • Test method for thermal - aging characteristics of electrical insulating varnishes applied over film - insulated magnet wire
  • Petroleum - based lubricating oils - ageing characteristics - determination of change in conradson carbon residue after oxidation
  • Physical testing of rubber - determination of ageing characteristics by measurement of stress at a given elongation
  • The badge is obviously chemical etching craftwork , which doesn ' t meet the age characteristic . it made this jian inferior
  • Testing of lubricants ; determination of ageing characteristics of lubricating oils ; increase in conradson carbon residue after ageing by passing air through the lubricating oil
  • Emulsions have had an important role in enhancing the strength , elasticity , aging characteristics and water resistance of these coatings , cross - linking with inorganic compounds to deliver performance
  • The result shows that the majority of the middle - aged and old women take part in various kinds of sports activities in varying degrees , also it shows obvious age characteristics in the choices of exercising courses , places , forms and time
  • This request while professor english , we aremore must consider the elementary students age characteristic , the usecan attract the elementary students interest the teaching method , guides them to study , raises their study interest
  • Due to the limitation of age characteristics , level of understanding and social experience , university students will suffer from all kinds of frustrations . in addition , correcting their frustrated psychology is a very important point in university ' s ideological and political work
  • And it also should suit the different learning content , students " age characteristics and the conditions of the school , including the reality of the resource state , economic ability , teachers and students " technical ability , environment for use , etc . the general procedures of the informatizational instructional design mainly include " analyze the learners " , " design stage - learning goals " , " design the learning tasks and questions " , " design the learning process " , " design the learning environment " , " design the learning resource " , " design the rubric of learning evaluation " , " evaluation and amendment "
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