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  • How do we beneficially employ the right to use land
  • Of these 202 authorized institutions , 181 are beneficially owned by interests from 30 countries
  • This status may be accorded to ordinary u . k . companies which are at least 80 % beneficially owned by non - residents
    6 .成立时间快, 12个工作日即可,有现成公司可供购买7
  • The new system of appointment has been beneficially experimented in shandong university of science and technology
  • The investment funds and all assets in the investment funds are solely , legally and beneficially owned by lc at all times
  • “ hot spring water right ” means the authority to divert , extract and use hot spring water or to use beneficially pursuant to the water act
  • Have net assets of not less than hk $ 6 . 5 million to which he is absolutely beneficially entitled throughout the two years preceding his application
  • Have net assets of not less than hk 6 . 5 million to which he is absolutely beneficially entitled throughout the two years preceding his application
    在提出申请前的两年,拥有不少于港币6 5 0万元的净资产
  • The dissertation provides more beneficially quantity basis to make concrete policy and make forecasting by the departments of communications
  • Expect to reform the system of civil action of the present system of civil action beneficially , teach in everybody at the same time
  • It's difficult to see beneficially in a sentence. 用beneficially造句挺难的
  • The applicant has net assets of not less than hk $ 6 . 5 million to which heshe is absolutely beneficially entitled throughout the two years preceding hisher application
  • In the next section i ll quickly review the basics of aop s join point model , then explain where it could be beneficially fortified with metadata
    在下一节中,我将快速地回顾aop的连接点模型( join point model )的基本内容,然后说明是如何用元数据增强它。
  • The relationship marketing is a series of activities of recognizing , forming , maintaining and consol idating the relationships among enterprises , customers and other parts beneficially concerned
  • I introduced the basics of the new java metadata facility and explained how and where aop s join point model could be most beneficially fortified by metadata annotation
  • The paper wanted to give some conclusions of bpr applied to project of erp and beneficially explored the project of erp that put in practice for enterprises
    本文力求将业务流程重组( bpr )在企业资源计划( erp )解决方案中的运用进行一个理论化、系统化的论述,为今后企业erp项目的实施做有益的探索。
  • B has taken steps to repudiate or nullify existing contracts or agreements with any united states citizen or any corporation , partnership , or association not less than 50 per centum beneficially owned by united states citizens , or
  • At the end of 2000 , 154 licensed banks , 48 restricted licence banks and 61 deposit - taking companies , which were beneficially owned by interests from over 30 countries around the world , were in business in hong kong
    截至年底,香港共有154家持牌银行、 48家有限制牌照银行及61家接受存款公司,它们分别由来自三十多个国家的机构实益拥有。
  • The paper enlarges the domain of using the method of variable separation with addition , and beneficially tries to obtain analytical solutions of complicated problem , such as 2 - d steady incompressible viscous gas diffusion flow field
  • ( 4 ) . from the angle of project organization , based on the analysis of the project organization form , practical organization model corresponding managing strategy are made which beneficially guarantee the successful construction of srttep
    ( 4 )从项目组织保障角度,在剖析工程项目组织形式基础上,建立了符合川塔施建工程项目实际的组织模型和相应管理策略。
  • As albert einstein said , " it is my view that the vegetarian manner of living , by its purely physical effect on the human temperament , would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind " letter to " vegetarian watch - tower " , december 27 , 1930
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