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d and d造句

"d and d"是什么意思  
  • A d and d a conversion
  • In the development process , pcl - 818l card is adopted by the system as the interfaces of a / d and d / a
    在系统的开发过程中,采用的是p卜818l数据采集卡作为d 、八接。
  • The influence of the parameters such as d and d ( illm thickness ) on laser induced voltage had been discussed
    根据该公式,对影响激光感生电压的一些参量如、 d 、薄膜的厚度d等进行了讨论。
  • So digitalizing analog signal is the trend of information technology , in which a / d and d / a plays an important role
    所以模拟信号数字化是信息技术的发展趋势,而a d和d a转换器在其中扮演着重要角色。
  • Then , the article introduces the circuits of the a / d and d / a , and the conversion method of the a / d and d / a
    文章还就实现a d 、 d a转换的具体电路和利用该数据采集卡实现a d 、 d a转换的具体手段进行了阐述。
  • The software radio consists of several parts as follow : analog front end , broadband a / d and d / a , digital upper / down converter , high - speed signal processor and so on
    它由以下几个部分组成:模拟前端,宽带a / d和d / a ,数字上/下变频器,高速数字信号处理器等。
  • The main point of the conception about software radio is as follows : first , making the a / d and d / a close to the antenna ; secondly , accomplishing as much as function by software
    软件无线电的关键思想在于两点:一是将a / d , d / a尽量靠近天线,二是用软件实现尽可能多的无线电功能。
  • The package of software contains the pid algorithm realizing for the dsp control system , the program for system initialization as well as the program for a / d and d / a transforming
    对控制系统进行了软件设计。软件包括控制系统pid算法的dsp实现、系统初始化以及a d 、 d a转换程序。
  • After the methods of a / d and d / a were expressed according to the hardware and needs of the system , the article explains the language environment and the program structure
    在结合具体硬件环境和系统需求明确了系统的a d 、 d a等环节的实现手段以后,文章对系统控制程序所采用的具体的语言环境和程序结构进行了说明。
  • The basis idea of software radio ( srd ) is to place the a / d and d / a close up the antenna as possible as and use software to realize all the function of any radio based on an opening and blocking currency hardware platform
    软件无线电的基本思想是将宽带a / d及d / a尽可能靠近天线,将无线电台的各种功能在一个开放性、模块化的通用硬件平台上尽可能多的用软件来实现。
  • It's difficult to see d and d in a sentence. 用d and d造句挺难的
  • Usually , a real simulation system includes a net system composed of several computers and i / o interface i / o interface in it is used to communicate between simulation computer and manipulation hardware , mainly , it is used in a / d and d / a between them
    一个实时仿真系统往往包含有多台计算机构成的网络系统和i o接口,其中的i o接口是用于仿真主计算机和硬件操纵盘台之间的通信,用来实现两者间的数字量模拟量之间的相互转换。
  • This system uses the evm of dual - core tms320vc5471 . for the different core configuration , the dsp has a / d and d / a modules to implement speech signal i / o channel , real time implementation of speech coder . meanwhile embedded operation system uclinux is transplanted into it
    结合cpu两个内核不同的体系结构,在dsp内核上连接a / d 、 d / a模块实现语音信号i / o通道以及实时实现语音编解码算法,在arm内核上移植了clinux嵌入式操作系统。
  • 3 . after analyze to various methods of the synchronous control , decide to utilize a / d and d / a combines with the numerical pid control method to research the pc of synchronous controller and apply to the space vehicle ’ s vibration environment experiment
    3 .对同步控制的各种方法进行了分析,结合数字pid控制算法,率先采用计算机自动测量和控制技术,将基于pc的a / d和d / a板卡应用于航天器环境模拟试验的并联双振动台系统中,解决了同步控制器研制的问题。
  • The meter ( which is called pccm2002 for short ) is designed on the basis of mcs - 51 single - chip microcomputer technique . the hardware is composed of single - chip microcomputer module and electrochemical module . the single - chip microcomputer module can be divided into five parts , cpu circuit , a / d and d / a circuit , peripheral memory circuit , i / o interface circuit , distributing address circuit ; the electrochemical module is made up of potentiostatic circuit , galvanostatic circuit , potentiostatic - galvanostatic ( p - g ) conversion circuit , signal measuring circuit . the software of the meter is edited by c51 language , it is well - structured and module . all program modules have been linked into an executable files after compiled separately , then copy to eprom
    恒电位控制下的恒电量智能化腐蚀监测仪采用基于mcs - 51单片机技术的智能化设计,仪器硬件由单片机系统模块和电化学接口模块组成,单片机系统模块包括cpu电路,片外存贮器扩展电路,模数和数模( a d和d a )电路,输入输出( i o )接口电路,地址分配电路,各电路模块通过系统总线交换信息;电化学接口模块主要由恒电位电路,恒电流电路,恒电位-恒电流( p - g )转换电路,信号放大与采集电路组成。
  • It is widely used in many circuits , such as high precise comparators , a / d and d / a converters , drams , flash memory circuits , and other analog or mixed circuits . therefore , it is significant to develop a voltage reference circuitry that is compatible with digital cmos technology and can be integrated into a system on a chip ( soc )
    基准电压源( voltagereference )是超大规模集成电路和系统的重要组成部分,应用于高精度比较器、 a d和d a转换器、随机动态存取存储器、闪存电路等多种电路和电路单元,亦为系统集成芯片( soc , systemonachip )所广泛采用。
  • Correspondence analysis showed that genotype b was significantly more common in patients with asymptomatic carriers ( asc ) , chronic hepatitis b ( chb ) and severe hepatitis ( sh ) compared with liver cirrhosis ( lc ) and hepatocellular carcinoma ( hcc ) ( p < 0 . 05 ) . genotype c was most prevalence in patients with lc than in those with other liver diseases ( p < 0 . 05 ) . genotype d and d - mixed genotype were found to correlated with hcc at first time
    对应分析显示,无症状携带者、慢性肝炎、重型肝炎中基因b型所占福建医科大学2000级硕士研究生毕业论文中文摘要比例明显高于肝硬化和原发性肝癌( hcc )组( p < 0 . 05 ) ; c型在肝硬化中所占比例显著高于其它疾病组( p < 0 . 05 ) ; hcc与基因d型及其混合型关系密切。
  • Before the development of the system , the article describes the above - mentioned aspects , as the bases of the system development . the article emphasizes related auto - controlling technologies : open - 100p and close - 100p , and control mode of negative - feedback , the scatter and quantization of the simulate signal , the conception of a / d and d / a conversion and code / encode , the basic sampling principles of the simulate signal . the article introduces the operation method and process of the system by means of the load spectrum
    文章对相关的理论进行了陈述,以作为系统开发的理论依据,重点阐述了自动控制系统中包括开环闭环在内的几大主要控制模式,以及有关的负反馈控制方式,模拟信号的离散与量化,模数转换、数模转换、编码译码的概念,及模拟信号采样的基本原理? ?采样定理,并以载荷谱法为例,简述了所研究的系统将要采取的工作方式及工作过程。
  • The tester will be monitored by this system . first of all , the article summarizes the developments of the auto - control technology and the fatigue experiment , analyzes the domestic situation of the experiment equipment , and the superiority of the computer - aided monitoring system of the tester , presents the research meaning and tasks . computer - aided monitoring is related to auto - control , sampling theory , a / d and d / a conversion , data store and so on
  • The synchro / resolver signal transmit & receive card is the most important and difficult part which used special a / d and d / a ( axis angle converter ) to make conversion between the analog singnals related to angle and its digital counterpart , thus solve the issue of stimulation and test of synchro / resolver signal , improved the test precision and automatic degree
  • With a mcu and a dot matrix lcd chinese characters display introduced and a serial e2prom to protect data , a reliable compact controller is developed via photo coupler isolated and serial a / d and d / a for process input and output . and a rs - 485 communication interface contributes to network of distributed system for centralized supervisory control
    控制器硬件以单片机为核心,采用点阵lcd显示汉字;光电隔离和串行a d 、 d a结合实现信号转换;串行e ~ 2prom实现数据保护;并通过rs - 485串行通信接口与上位机实现分布式控制。
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