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  • I called out again " mama - dada - ga ga - goo goo .
    我又大喊: “妈妈上海汽车爸爸,嘎嘎,咕咕。 ”
  • Dada supervision i write ink in half an hour . than play games
  • I ' m not your fucking dada
  • Rob : she ' s just learning to talk . she can say " mama , " " dada " and " bye - bye .
  • L . h . o . o . q . is a mustached reproduction ( 1919 ) by dada painter marcel duchamp
  • 20 unique genes were hypothesized according to sequence comparison against current dada deposited in genbank
  • It is impossible to realize multimedia communication without the compression of dada
  • Working as a designer in zhejiang dada electricity ltd . major in air button design
  • The models described in this dissertation lay the theoretic foundation for multi - sensor multiscale dada fusion
  • The holographic storage is one of the most promising optical storage technologies for high - density dada storage
  • It's difficult to see dada in a sentence. 用dada造句挺难的
  • So , the raw data is acquired into the database , and the dada can be polled , analyzed and distributed
  • Finally , a prototype system in stock field based the framework has developed . the system may provides dada mining
  • 36 li c p , ooi b c , tung a k , wang s . dada : a data cube for dominant relationship analysis
    Www的迅猛发展,大大改变了数据管理的方式, web数据的抽取成为web数据管理的一个研究热点。
  • For these very pleasant two nights , sincere gratitude goes to wind music , dada arts , and welcome you every new member of nature club
  • From then on , i liked them even more . they could not only feel my love , but also recognize my voice , greeting me with a " dada " sound . they were so sweet
  • Moreover , it also present a method to develop a decision support system on population information based on gis using data warehouse , dada mining
  • Empirical data with time series 1994 - 2004 and 2004 panel dada also show that microfinance promotes farmers ' family income and reduces poverty
    利用中国1994 ~ 2004年的时间序列和2004年的截面数据的实证分析也表明小额信贷增加了农民家庭经营收入,降低了贫困。
  • The dada acquisition and pressure survey methods during under - balanced drilling are researched , which provide the foundation for obtaining training samples for neural network
  • The 3d reconstruction of medical image is the main area in medical dada 3d visualization , and is a important research branch in science data visualization too
  • After studying a technology of case - based reasoning and several approaches of data recovering , the paper proposes a consulting expert system of dada recovering with case - based reasoning
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