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  • Depiction of industrial robot ' s jacobin matrix by soa
  • " does he not dislike the idea of marrying the granddaughter of a jacobin ?
    “跟一个雅各宾党徒的孙女儿联姻,他不反感吗? ”
  • By studying on jacobin matrix of planar , a method that can make the machine avoid singularity on operating is put forward
  • " and this fortune will be doubled at the death of the old jacobin , noirtier . " that is a tenacious old grandfather , " said beauchamp
    “等到那个老雅各宾党徒诺瓦蒂埃去世的时候,他的财产还可以再加一倍。 ”
  • The vicomte , who was seeing him for the first time , saw clearly that this jacobin was by no means so formidable as his words
  • After a silence of a few moments , during which they all looked towards him without disturbing his outward attention from the jacobin editor , they resumed their conversation
  • Madame defarge returned to her counter to get the wine , and , as he took up a jacobin journal and feigned to pore over it puzzling out its meaning , he heard her say , i swear to you , like evrmonde
    在他拿起一张雅各宾党的报纸装出吃力地读着猜测着它的意思时,他听见她说, “我向你发誓,真像埃佛瑞蒙德! ”
  • There have not been wanting rebels or revolutionaries - jacobites in the eighteenth century , jacobins in the early nineteenth , for example - but they have never appealed to more than a minority
  • In general , there are tow nns in the system of nns - imc . one is neuro - controller , and another is neuro - emulator . the neuro - emulator emulates the model of the plant online , and gives the jacobin of the plant to neuro - controller
  • Using the approximate ability to nonlinear function of neural networks , the adaptive frame of identification and controller are constructed . and the formula of jacobin matrix for unknown systems is given , which is used to train the neural networks controller in closed systems
    总结了bp神经网络的基本理论,把基于非线性数值优化技术的leven - marquardt方法用于bp网络辨识器和控制器的训练,仿真结果表明该算法性能远远优于标准bp类算法。
  • It's difficult to see jacobin in a sentence. 用jacobin造句挺难的
  • The jacobin matrix and its elements for differential - algebraic equation simultaneous solution with newton method are formed . the network injection current and its partial differential coefficient are also derived . so , the basic calculation formulas for the full dynandc simulation are established
  • " my father has been a jacobin more than anything else , " said villefort , carried by his emotion beyond the bounds of prudence ; " and the senator s robe , which napoleon cast on his shoulders , only served to disguise the old man without in any degree changing him
    “家父是个十足的雅各宾派, ”维尔福说,他的情绪不自觉地脱离了审慎含蓄的范围。 “拿破仑曾在他身上披上了一件上议院议员的长袍,但那只不过改变了他老人家的外表而已,他的内心丝毫没变。
  • And the formula of jacobin matrix for unknown systems is given , which is used to train the neural networks controller in closed systems . secondly , the adaptive identification frame is constructed and applied to the missile systems which contains various nonlinear , unknown factors . and the main parameter model is also constructed using neural networks
  • In this paper , kinematics analysis modules of the reconfigurable modular parallel micromanipulator are researched , which consists of position analysis module , velocity module , acceleration module , algorithm of jacobin matrix , property index of velocity and acceleration which including decoupled character , isotropy , extremum of velocity and acceleration and so on
  • Come , if so you will , count , and continue this conversation at my house , any day you may be willing to see an adversary capable of understanding and anxious to refute you , and i will show you my father , m . noirtier de villefort , one of the most fiery jacobins of the french revolution ; that is to say , he had the most remarkable audacity , seconded by a most powerful organization - a man who has not , perhaps , like yourself seen all the kingdoms of the earth , but who has helped to overturn one of the greatest ; in fact , a man who believed himself , like you , one of the envoys , not of god , but of a supreme being ; not of providence , but of fate
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