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layer management造句

"layer management"是什么意思  
  • Consolidated link layer management cllm
  • Cllm consolidated link - layer management
  • Man . network aspects . metropolitan area network . medium access control layer management
  • Llme : low layer management entity
  • Lmp layer management protocol
  • Two - layer management system
  • Lme layer management entity
  • Appearance rule of coal mine pressure after raising the working - layer and the upper layer management in taoyuan coal mine
  • Network aspects - metropolitan area network - medium access control layer management ; english version ets 300273 : 1994
  • Network aspects - metropolitan area network - conformance specification for the medium access control layer management ; english version ets 300274 : 1994
  • Integrating library career , it sparkplugs some practical means , such as system innovation , layer management , being with " factor " to patch " void " and civilian - oriented services
  • Jia p , wang x r . study on layered management architecture for virtual private network . international conference of control and decision making . haerbin , june 1 - 3 , 2005
    王欣荣,贾培.金融网络的安全体系结构研究. 2004中国管理科学与工程发展报告, 295 - 298上海:上海三联书店
  • By means of this model and reactive agent , the multi - layered management domain ( mlmd ) model of object middleware is provided , which divides object middleware into many layered management domains according to configurati
    讨论了系统内核的实现和corba23中新特性,如poa 、值对象、 idl编译器、编码引擎等的实现技术。
  • In contrast , in the astn a new multi - layer management plane based on the transfer plane , the control plane and the signaling network substitutes for the nm system of the transfer network , forming a management mechanism that links centralized management and distributed intelligence
  • From both practical and theoretical points of view , the author puts forward the fundamental principles for software tests , practical test methods , development and application of test tools , as well as a layered management mode based on system engineering concepts
  • By making use of special database technology based on the mode of client / server relationship , the system adopts visual program technology of component model and integrates function models of layer management into classes . undoubtedly , the system will also embodies the technology of interface creation , which is grounded on the method of fast prototype . what imposed on the system is to achieve swift exploitation and compound use
  • At last , we get a skeleton implementation of the service layer management system . the system mainly carries out the function of equipments management and networks management . at the same time , it can manage the lease of service and operations in the transmission network synthetically , optimize the flow of the lease of service , and improve the efficiency of the using the resource
    该系统主要实现了设备管理和网络管理功能,对传送网中业务的出租和运营进行综合管理,优化了业务租用流程,提高了资源利用效率,同时为网络运营者的客户建立虚拟专用网vpn ,实现客户化的个人租用资源管理,提高了运营商的服务质量。
  • Starting from the knowledge - conversion theory , the text elaborated on the importance of the conversion , exploited how to strengthen and intensify the main structure layer management during the conversionary process . the paper also proposed some suggestins about taking advantages of knowledge conversion to innovate new ones , and made full use of them to solve unsolved problems
  • A new static hybrid layered voltage control model has been set up . in this way static layered management management and control of voltage are realized , the proposed static hybrid automatic voltage control ( havc ) system and the methods are proved to be effective by the results of computer simulation research done by wscc - 9 system in the paper
    最后,将混成控制系统的理念和方法引入电力系统静态电压控制的仿真研究,建立静态混成自动电压控制( havc )模型,实现系统的静态电压分层调节和控制。以wscc - 9节点系统为例进行计算机仿真研究验证,证明了静态混成自动电压控制系统的有效性。
  • This model can dynamic produce appropriate learning materials to individuals according to different student ' s learning level and learning stage ; since we adopt a layer management and local adjust to students models and rules , the loads of network are lightened , avoiding the block of network
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