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  • Bored , rich gossip mongers , who like to shop
  • Politicians court support by fear - mongering , he says
  • Politicians court support by fear - mongering , he says
  • Pyongyang is reportedly denounced us leaders as war mongers
  • All told , the doom - mongers ' script may play out in reverse
  • He was not a fame - monger , but merely one of god s mad lovers
  • Be honest and trustworthy , not profit - mongering at the expense of your values
  • A comparative study of this group of people will help us have a better understanding of suit mongers
  • As we know , rumour - mongers serve their own selfish purposes . they are not acting in the interest of all of us
  • Let me take you right now to the words of the fear mongers , for they create the conspiracies that are everywhere
  • It's difficult to see monger in a sentence. 用monger造句挺难的
  • Although western companies tolerate gossip , they do not encourage it , and they are definitely against rumors and rumor - mongering
  • Although western companies tolerate gossip , they do not encourage it , and they are definitely against rumors and rumor - mongering
  • For the rumor mongers , we are taking legal actions and shall fully cooperate with police and inspection agencies to bring the unscrupulous persons to court
  • He calls himself a " hope - monger " ; he argues ? not without reason ? that change cannot come if the country is mired in the old " bush - clinton " partisan politics
    他戏称自己为"希望商贩" ;他有理由辨称如果这个国家还深陷在对"布什-克林顿"陈旧政治的推崇中,那么改变不可能来临。
  • And yet , as this special report has already noted , many of the smartly dressed young people of tehran seem quite unmoved ( some are amused ) by the official hate - mongering
    然而,就像我们这份报道所注意到的那样,许多衣着利索的德黑兰年轻人并不对官方的仇恨宣传感兴趣(一些甚至感到好笑) 。
  • If the suit mongers , a special group of people in chinese legal history , are examined from the perspectives of the state and ordinary people , conflicting conclusions can be arrived at
  • This club always generates big headlines and we have seen more doom - mongering since the 0 - 0 draw at home to villarreal on tuesday night , but it is very much in our hands when we travel to lisbon
    俱乐部经常成为报章的常客,在周二主场被比利亚雷亚尔0 - 0逼平的比赛后我们的形势不好,但出征里斯本命运依然掌握在我们自己手里。
  • Bernard birsinger , the suburb ' s communist mayor , accused mr . chirac of fear - mongering and dissembling when he predicted political and economic doom for france if the country rejected the constitution
  • Mr radulovich ' s great meteorological interest was the interaction of wind and fire ? a fitting concern for one who could never escape the scorching he had suffered in an era of super - heated scare - mongering
    拉杜洛维奇先生强烈的气象学兴趣是风与火的交融? ?在一个高度过热且恐怖蔓延的时代,这是对那些无法逃脱酷热燃烧的人一种切入心扉的关爱。
  • Group of concerned malaysians issued a joint press statement on january 22 , demanding pj utara member of parliament chew mei fun ( bn - mca ) to retract her fear - mongering statement invoking may 13 and apologise to malaysians
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