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pcr analysis造句

"pcr analysis"是什么意思  
  • Studies on cultivar classification of osmanthus fragrans by issr - pcr analysis
  • After that we determined the presence of angiostatin gene in the putative recombinant virus with pcr analysis
  • 2 . 3 gene expression identification of neural related genes by semi - quanti - tive rt - pcr analysis
    3半定量rt - pcr在mrna水平检测escs 、神经干细胞及神经细胞相关基因。
  • Rt / pcr analysis showed that ams gene expresses in leaves , stems and flowers . the expression was n ' t detected in roots
    Rt pcr分析表明ams基因在叶片、茎和花中表达,而在根中没有表达。
  • Rt - pcr analysis was used to determine the levels of grp78 and grp94 mrna during the different phase of mouse development 2
    Rt - pcr方法检测发育不同时期小鼠胚胎脑组织中grp78 、 grp94mrna表达情况2
  • Pcr analysis and southern blotting all confirmed that the ced - 9 gene has been integrated into the chromosomal dna of these transgenic plants
    对所得到96株再生苗进行pcr检测,结果表明,阳性苗比例为34 。
  • Given limitation existing in all those methods , pcr analysis , an efficient method for rapid screening and diagnosis , has been used more and more
    因此,目前作为快速筛查和诊断的另一种有效方法? ? pcr分析方法? ?正在越来越多地被应用。
  • Pcr analysis showed rip gene has integrated into rice genome primarily . the positive tran - sgentic plants with lba4404 ( p3301rjp ) is dongnongv - 10 2 and fushiguang 2
    Lbamp330lrip )转化水稻的pcr检测阳性株数为:东农v102株,富士光2株。
  • Purple clones were picked out from the plate , which show br was expressed . pcr analysis told us that the mutant br gene was transformed into l33
  • Gus examinaton showed that the rate of transgene was higher . and pcr analysis , pcr - southem and southern analysis all showed that chs was intigrated into quamocliy pennata chromosome successfully
    同时,还以dig标记的camv35s上的一段为探针进行southern点杂交和pcr - southern杂交。
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  • Pcr analysis of resistant seedlings with nptii gene primers showed that 6 out of 12 seedlings detected had the 700bp fragment specific to the plasmid pig121 , indicating that t - dna had been integrated into the genome of sweet cherry
    L ,负压的适宜处理是lmmxio次。 6 、通过p r扩增,初步证明证明外源基回己转入甜樱桃。
  • Restriction enzyme digestion analysis and pcr analysis showed that these two plant expression vectors constructed were correct . 49caixin , one cultivar of the brassica campestris l . ssp . chinensis , was transformed by vacuum infiltration method
    通过真空渗入和花序浸渍法,将上述双抗和单抗基因分别导入白菜不结球类型? ? 49菜心中,获得了7棵抗性株。
  • Northern blot and rt - pcr analysis show that sh2a gene is ubiquitously expressed in many tissues with three transcripts . the aberrant expression of sh2a gene in some cancers was found . it suggests that sh2a gene relates to tumors
  • As sampling of bioaerosols in natural environments is likely to be associated with substantial contamination by a range of microorganisms commonly existing in an ambient air , an investigation of the specificity of detection by targeted pcr analysis is required
  • Pcr analysis showed that approximate 9 % tested plants produced the target band . a few of the 9 % plants produced the band in southern blot analysis . additionally , the number of inserted copies of dsg 10 was different in different transgenic plants
  • There are four imperfect repeats v - v - e - k - k - n / e - e of which the core sequence is similar to map ib of mouse . rna blot and rt - pcr analysis showed that this gene is expressed specifically in the mature pollen and can be classified as a late gene in pollen development
    计算机软件分析st901基因核苷酸、氨基酸序列的相似性,结果表明, st901基因编码区与探针sb401 、与高赖氨酸基因sblr 、与番茄tsb具有较高的相似性,它们可能来源于马铃薯的一个基因家族。
  • Northern blot and rt - pcr analysis verified that the expression level of ldplcl was induced in germinating pollen , whereas ldplc2 expression level did not change during pollen germinating process . the interaction between heterotrimeric g proteins and plc was detected in a yeast two - hybrid system
    Northern和rt - pcr分析,发现随着花粉的萌发, ldplc2的转录活性提高,而ldplc1博士学位论文在萌发前后的转录水平没有变化,推测至少ldplcz参与了对花粉萌发的调控。
  • Pcr analysis indicated that all lines had been integrated of ssmapkk . northern analysis revealed the presence of expression of ssmapkk mrna in transgenic lines . in principle , ssvp overexpression can increase proton electrochemical gradients across the vacuolar membranes , which permit the secondary active transport of na + and solute molecules
    理论上, ssop的过量表达可增加转基因植株细胞跨液泡膜的质子电化学梯度,为次级转运提供驱动力,从而增加可溶性物质和na十向液泡内的转运,提高转基因植株的抗旱和抗盐性。
  • 4 . after having established genetic transformation system with tomato cotyledons as explant and determined the transformable of preculture time , incubation time and co - culture time , we set up the system of high frequency transformation of tomato cotyledons . then hbmp - 3m gene was transferred into tomato via agrobacterium - mqdiated transformation , and the resistant plants to hyg were obtained . by pcr analysis on part of the putative transformants , we identified that hbmp - 3m gene had been integrated into the genome of part of tomato plants . 5 . transferred hbmp - 3 gene into tobacco via agrobacterium - mediated transformation and obtained the resistant plants to hyg . trans genie tobacco plants were confirmed by instantaneous expression of gus gene in calli detection , growth and bio - morphology analysis , hyg - resistant experiment and pcr analysis
    通过pcr检测证实部分番茄抗性植株中已导入hbmp - 3m基因;人骨形成蛋白一3成熟肤基因和全长基因分别转化番茄和烟草的研究5 .通过农杆菌介导法将hbmp一3全长基因导入烟草,并且获得了hyg抗性植株,通过gus基因瞬时表达检测、转化植株的生长情况及形态学分析、 hyg抗性鉴定及pc尺检测,证明目的基因己经整合到烟草基因组中。
  • The engineering bacterium which carried bcih i - chi and i - glu cdna was pcg - ii . two methods of agrobacterium - mediated and gene gun were used to transformate long ya lillium . the results of pcr analysis and southern dot blotting hybridization demonstrated that the chi a nd glu cdna have been intergrated into host genome . at the same time ; compared agrabactenum - mediated method with gene gun method , the transformation frequency of the former was 16 . 7 % , while the latter was 50 % , so gene gun transformation method was suitable for long ya liiliwn
    用携带有几丁质酶基因和- 1 、 3葡聚糖酶基因的工程菌,通过农杆菌介导法和基因枪转化法转化龙牙百合,经pcr和点杂交检测证明外源基因已经整合到植物染色体中。同时对农杆菌介导法和基因枪法进行比较,发现农杆菌介导法的转化率为16 . 7 ,基因枪法的转化率为50 ,因此可能基因枪转化法更适于龙牙百合的遗传转化。
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