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pcr primer造句

"pcr primer"是什么意思  
  • Pcr primers design for gene chip
  • According to the nucleotide sequence of selected antigen epitope , pcr primers supplemented with the ecor i and sal i sites were designed
  • Their accession numbers in genbank respectively are af440390 , af440391 . primers serving as rt - pcr primers were synthesized based on the two cloned fragments
  • To make the pcr primer that have adequacy enzyme sit flowed the sequence , ligate with the pgem - t easy after pcr . make sure the sequence by sequencing
    经组织培养后,以pcr和rt - pcr法检测再生烟草,共得到转synnhap基因烟草4株, pbi121空载体浸染的对照烟草再生苗5株。
  • Results show that pcr primer selection also plays decisive role in the methodology . two primer pairs considered universal to domain bacteria in previous reports did not work on our field sample
  • Using the tpsl gene digested form the prokaryotic expressing vector as template , according to the published sequence , pcr primers of tpsl gene was designed , 1500bp fragment of tpsl was generated
    以从t - vector中酶切得到的tps1为模板,根据已知序列设计pcr引物,扩增海藻糖- 6 -磷酸合成酶基因( tps1 ) 。
  • Considering the essential doctrine of designing pcr primers , two regions in which all tigers share an unique hyplotype against other species were selected to design a pair of primers ( primer 1 , 2 ) to amplify a tiger cytb fragment specifically
    发现在361 - 381位点之间和565 - 585位点之间,虎的dna碱基序列与其他猫科动物、鹿科动物有多个位点不同。
  • The results indicated that the pcr primers designed could distinguish between marine bacteria and terrestrial bacteria , and could be applied in distinguishing the psychrophiles . sixteen strains which could produce cold - active protease and chitinase were screened by selective medium and
  • 14 out of 25 strains of biocontrol agent streptomyces showed chitinolytic activity by biological assay . these 14 strains of biocontrol agent streptomyces were detected for chitinase gene using pcr primers derived from the conservative sequence of 17 cloned chitinase genes from streptomyces
  • Ii . molecular phylogeny in this paper , nucleotide sequences of the chloroplast gene trnl - f region was investigated first in the ferns , the pcr primers were chosen . in the test , 34 species in athyriaceae and 3 outgroup taxa were determined trril - f region sequences
    介蔗属d尽口athyrium 、蛾眉蔗属lunathyrium 、假蹄盖蔽属athyriopsis 、单叶双盖蔗diplaziumsubsinuatum组成一支,在两种系统树中均得到100 %的支持率。
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  • 2 . oligonucleotides based on sequence motifs ggvgktt and glplal 1 ( distance between them is about soobp ) conserved in tabacoo n and arabidosis i rps2 were used as pcr primers for scanning genomic dna . the amplified fragments of approximately 500bp were obtained in two different primer combinations , but were not considered as ht gene ' s analog for they also appeared in the genomic dna without ht gene
    依据拟南芥rps2和烟草n基因中的两个保守序列ggvgktt和glplal (两者相距约500bp )合成寡核苷酸引物(左引物2个,右引物2个,组成4个引物组合) ,对玉米基因组dna进行扩增的结果表明:在2个引物组合中获得了大约500bp的扩增产物,但这两个扩增产物同样也存在与不含ht基因的玉米基因组中,说明这两个500bp左右的dna片断并非ht基因的类似序列。
  • And the two pah ' s of pcr primers that bind to the adapter and the sequence of f fragment close by tn5 respectively were also designed . the genomic dna of b8 was isolated , digested with bamh i , and ligated to the adapter . using the two pairs of the primers , two rounds of pcr were performed hi turn and a fragment of 239bp was amplified successfully . lt was proved by cloning and sequencing that 18bp of the fragment is the sequence opposite to f fragment on the left of tn5 insertion site in b8f , the other is part of the 728 bp of f fragment . this result makes it possible to continue to carry out chromosome walking , to clone and sequence the whole genes of b fragment and f fragment , and to reveal the antagonistic molecular mechanism of b8
    试验研究设计并合成了由40和44个碱基的寡聚脱氧核苷酸组成的染色体爬行接头,在接头序列和测定的f片段近tn5的序列上,设计了2对染色体爬行用的pcr引物,从b8菌株中提取基因组dna , bamhi酶切,与染色体爬行接头连接,依次用2对引物进行pcr ,扩增出239bp产物,经克隆、测序,发现其中18bp为扩增的相应于f片段在b8f菌株tn5插入位点对面的序列,其余则为f片段728bp序列的一部分,为进一步进行染色体爬行,克隆和测定整个b和f基因,揭示阳菌株的拮抗分子机制提供了技术资料贮备。
  • Constructing cdna expressing library of erythrocytic plasmodium falciparum from hainan : the total rna was obtained by using . triplix kit . a modified oligo ( dt ) primer ( cds ffi pcr primer ) was used in the single - stranded ( ss ) dna synthesis reaction . the ss - dna was reversely transcripted from total rna . double - stranded ( ds ) cdna was amplified by long - distance ( ld ) pcrafter the digestion with proteinase k and sfi i , the cdna with no less than 200bp was collected and purified by glass - milk kitthe library was constructed after the ligation of cdna to tiplex2 phage particle packaged with the packaging extract system in vitro . a high titer and high recombinant ratio of cdna library was constructed
    构建恶性疟原虫海南株红内期cdna表达文库提取红内期恶性疟原虫海南株总rna ,直接以总rna为模板使用cdna文库构建试剂盒,首先反转录合成ss一dna ,再扩增合成ds一dna ( cdna ) ,对扩增产物用蛋白酶k消化及左z丁i酶切,抽提蛋白、去除rna后,用玻璃奶试剂盒纯化、回收20obp以上的片断,经与载体连接再用蛋白包装物包装后形成未扩增文库,最后扩增完成恶性疟原虫海南株红内期cdna表达文库的构建。
  • Used long pcr primers as sequencing primer , the two sides of sequence of the long pcr product were separately sequenced one reaction by the direct sequencing method of pcr products , and the sequencing sequence were carried on constrasted analysis with sequence of 168 strain in genebank
    一2片段克隆质粒为模板,采用skippcr方法,得到了约4 . 3kb产物,以ta克隆方式,插入pgem一t载体中。将经鉴定的阳性克隆质粒进行测序,结果表明: biob与biol基因间的5lbp的终止子序列已被删除。
  • First , a pair of pcr primers was designed to isolate fmdv - vp1 gene according to the published fmdv - vp1 sequence . after pcr of dna isolated from the tissues , the fmdv - vp1 gene was cloned into cloning vector . positive clones were analysed with restriction enzyme digestions and further identified with sequence analysis
    首先,根据已知的fmdv基因序列,设计特异性引物,扩增出fmdv - vp1基因,将克隆到的vp1基因连接到测序载体上后用dna测序仪对该序列进行测序。
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