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rat and mouse造句

"rat and mouse"是什么意思  
  • Very soon puss had chased away all the rats and mice .
  • Their job is to exterminate rats and mice
  • Rats and mice are similar animals
  • Standard test method for oncogenicity study in rats and mice
  • Effects of toxoplasma gondii infection on the level of serum nitric oxide of rats and mice
  • Searching for a computer - controlled running wheel system for rats and mice
  • Experimental study on the effects of tongfu decoction on the gastrointestinal motility in rats and mice
  • Unlike britain ' s government , america ' s does not think rats and mice worth counting
  • Male rats and mice with chemically induced folate deficiency have impaired spermatogenesis and are infertile
    要是以化学方法使雄性大鼠与小鼠体内缺乏叶酸, ?们制造精子的机制就不能正常运作,因而丧失生殖能力。
  • From flies and worms to rats and mice , animals fed on restricted diets generally live longer than those given abundant food
  • It's difficult to see rat and mouse in a sentence. 用rat and mouse造句挺难的
  • Snakes did not acquire their poison for use against man but for use against prey such as rats and mice , and the effects on these of viperine poison is almost immediate
  • Male and female rats and mice were gien four different doses of sodium dichromate dihydrate in their drinking water ranging from 14 . 3 mg / l to 516 mg / l for two years
    研究人员在雌雄大鼠和小鼠的饮用水中加入4种不同剂量( 14 . 3毫克/升至516毫克/升)的重铬酸钠,为期两年。
  • The estimated reduction of 15 , 000 in animal use following this review equates to around 3 . 5 % of the rats and mice used in testing new human or veterinary medicines or dentistry products
    估计根据综述所减少15 , 000只动物等同于大约3 . 5 %小鼠和大鼠被用于测试新药,兽药或治疗牙病的药物等。
  • Mark mattson , a researcher at the national institute on aging , says that reducing the amount of calories fed to older rats and mice by 30 percent has helped enhance learning and memory
    国家老化学会的研究员马克?麦特森说,把给年龄较大的老鼠的食物热量降低30 % ,对提高它们的学习力和记忆力有帮助。
  • Toxicity testing of new medicines for humans and animals accounts for 4 % of all animal use in europe , which means just under half a million rats and mice are used for this purpose each year
    在欧洲,用于新药的人和动物的急性毒性试验的动物占4 % ,这意味着每年有不少于50万小鼠和大鼠被用于急性毒性试验。
  • A blundering bat once stuck her head into a wakeful weasel ' s bed ; whereat the mistress of the house , a deadly foe of rats and mice was making reday in a trice to eat the stranger as a mouse . " what
    一次,一只冒失的蝙蝠不小心闯入一只黄鼠狼的窝里,这只警醒的母黄鼠狼是老鼠的天敌,她正准备把他当成老鼠一口吞下去, “好呀,你胆子还真不小, ”她说道: “我早就受不了你们老鼠偷偷摸摸的行经了,现在,你竟敢溜到我的卧室来?
  • The aim of this study was to examine ppar5 expression in rat and mouse uterus during early pregnancy , pseudopregnancy , delayed implanation , artificial decidualization and regulation by steroid hormone treatment by in situ hybridization and inununohistochemisny the expression of ppar gene in preimplanation embryo was also determined by rt - pcr
  • As the most common used small experimental animals , rat and mouse have inconsistencys in reproduction , especially in gondonatorpin inducing oocyte maturation . our research was undertook to elucidate which kind of gonadotropins play role in oocyte meiotic maturation , the effects of fsh ans lh / hcg on mouse and rat oocyte maturation in vitro were examined under different culture models
    在体外自发成熟模型中,大鼠的去卵丘裸卵( do )自发成熟发生要较卵丘包被的卵母细胞( ceo )早, do培养2h时gvbd可达到88 ,而ceo培养2h的gvbd为53 。
  • In the first part , we observed the changes of expressions of type i receptor of il - 1 in the rat and mouse brain after intraperitoneally administration of different kinds and doses antigens respectively . in the second part including two experiments we cloned rat il - 6r ' s genes by pcr , expressed them in e . coli dh5 a and cos - 7 cell , and produced il - 6r ' s polyclonal antibody which is proved having more high liter , affinity and specificity 1
    第一部分采用不同种类和剂量的抗原刺激,分两个实验,观察了大、小鼠脑内il - 1的i型受体表达的变化,探讨了脑内参与免疫调控的核团和细胞类型;第二部分分两个实验,运用pcr技术克隆了大鼠il - 6r的基因并进行了原核和真核表达,制备了特异性高、亲和力强和较高效价的抗il - 6r多克隆抗体,为进一步进行il - 6r的研究奠定了基础。
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