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  • Hard as nails at a bargain , old tweedy
  • The pub was full of tweedy farmers
  • Tweedy , browne built that record with very wide diversification
  • Tweedy , crown solicitor for waterford . has that silk hat ever since
  • Pride of calpe s rocky mount , the ravenhaired daughter of tweedy
  • Mrs bloom , my wife the prima donna , madam marion tweedy , bloom indicated
  • Where s old tweedy s regiment
  • Tweedy browne ' s selections have sunk even well below that level in terms of name recognition
  • In the summer , cole moved from the newspaper back pages to the front one when he married girls aloud singer cheryl tweedy
  • The seats offer a solid fit and are quite comfortable , with high - density foam under the lt ' s tweedy deluxe cloth
  • It's difficult to see tweedy in a sentence. 用tweedy造句挺难的
  • The 25 - year - old , who recently married girls aloud singer cheryl tweedy , criticised arsenal while promoting his forthcoming autobiography
  • Bloom , he said , madam marion tweedy that was , is , i mean , the soprano . she s his wife . - o , to be sure , john henry menton said
    “布卢姆, ”他说, “原先,不,我的意思是说现在,有个名叫玛莉恩特威迪夫人的女高音歌手。
  • Farmer tweedy and his 8 ) mean - looking dog 9 ) patrol outside the fence , watching for any chicken that might be foolish enough to try to escape
  • The name of a decisive battle forgotten , frequently remembered by a decisive officer , major brian cooper tweedy remembered
  • But each time they try to get away , farmer tweedy catches them , and 4 ) punishes their leader ginger by throwing her again and again into a coal bin
  • Walk along a strand , strange land , come to a city gate , sentry there , old ranker too , old tweedy s big moustaches leaning on a long kind of a spear . wander through awned streets
  • What acrostic upon the abbreviation of his first name had he kinetic poet sent to miss marion tweedy on the 14 february 1888 ? poets oft have sung in rhyme of music sweet their praise divine
    一八八八年二月十四日,他动态诗人50用自己的教名首字写成怎样一首藏头诗51 ,寄给了玛莉恩摩莉特威迪?
  • My wife , i am the daughter of a most distinguished commander , a gallant upstanding gentleman , who do you call him , majorgeneral brian tweedy , one of britain s fighting men who helped to win our battles
  • What impression of an absent face did bloom , arrested , silently recall ? the face of her father , the late major brian cooper tweedy , royal dublin fusiliers , of gibraltar and rehoboth , dolphin s barn
  • In 1968 , tom knapp and ed anderson , also a graham disciple , along with one or two other fellows of similar persuasion , formed tweedy , browne partners , and their investment results appear in table 2
    在1968年,汤姆与艾德?安德生? ?也是葛拉汉的信徒? ?以及其他一、两位有共同信念的人,组成了帝地布朗合伙公司。
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