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  • Inject second liver is vaccinal , can want the child
  • Have high fever the person of convulsions history cannot vaccinal . 3
    2 .有高热惊厥史的人不能接种。
  • The person of invigorative system disease and mental disease cannot vaccinal . 5
    4 .有精神系统疾病和精神病的人不能接种。
  • The patient that central nervous system affects cannot vaccinal . 2
    六类人不适宜接种流脑疫苗1 .中枢神经系统感染的病人不能接种。
  • Have allergy history cannot vaccinal , allergy history includes medicaments and alimental allergy
    5 .有过敏史的不能接种,过敏史包括药物和食物的过敏。
  • Is the pregnant woman that has this kind of vaccinal method been the person that is hepatitis b carried to useful
  • Go station of health care of women and children seeks advice , annual vaccine is vaccinal , be arranged by them
  • Hives travels through respiratory tract , effective precautionary measures of the individual is vaccinal measles vaccine
  • Have disease of serious heart , hepatic , kidney , especially viscera function is not complete person cannot vaccinal . 4
    3 .有严重心脏、肝脏、肾脏疾病,尤其是脏器功能不全者不能接种。
  • After giving birth to a child , give a new life for a short while inject is vaccinal or second liver is distinctive antibody
  • It's difficult to see vaccinal in a sentence. 用vaccinal造句挺难的
  • Want to wash cut with brine instantly commonly , go to a hospital injecting inside the shortest time wild dog is vaccinal
  • If vaccinal measles vaccine can prevent hives , take a poliomyelitis tervalent mixture vaccine can prevent a poliomyelitis to wait
  • Suggesting your family member is best is beforehand vaccinal second liver is vaccinal , make their antibody grow in quantity , such word , the odds that is infected is met very small
  • Do not need excessive concern as to your individual , because be in between husband and wife , without protection condition falls ( vaccinal without inject ) infection rate also is only under 5
  • The mankind eliminate those the most atrocious illnesses , the hope that waits like aids , avian flu and sars , all without exception is placed be being invented and make effective vaccinal body go up
  • The 5th , in local vet sanitation the guidance of management department falls , to planting chicken undertakes immune have an inoculation , also undertake vaccinal immune have an inoculation to chickling at the same time
  • Should strengthen inject stitch now , if still be antibody , weak positive need not strengthen inject again , at this moment the body had resisted to vaccinal generation , inject to also won ' t produce antibody again
  • Invent from the mankind vaccinal since sending virus of smallpox of antagonism of oneself immunity ability through stimulating , inject vaccine is exclusive the significant measure that can kill virus and bacterium at the same time
  • If the citizen gives the person that have symptom of contagion of similar respiratory tract , answer to see a doctor in time to the hospital ; do not go or go less ventilated and undesirable public activity , should not take children to arrive particularly congested is public ; want seasonable have an inoculation to shed cerebral vaccine ; the bedroom should open a window ventilated , often had used the disinfection such as oxygen second acid ; want nurturance individual ' s favorable healthy action , drink water more at ordinary times , eat fresh vegetable and fruit to wait more ; had contacted the person of patient drifting a head closely , can use sulphur amine medicaments to prevent . 6 kinds of people are unsuited vaccinal vaccine drifting a head 1
  • But , more than 24 hours of inject are vaccinal , want to be before vaccinal become effective only , namely before vaccinal and exciting airframe produces enough immune power , the person has not come on , vaccine can develop effectiveness , already counted day of a few months to exposing and because of a variety of reasons all the time not vaccinal the person of wild dog vaccine , want to be able to receive vaccine only , filling injection also gives as soon as possible like the person that ying yugang is exposed , strive for grab vaccine lets effective before come on , at this moment , before stitch or the vaccinal dosage of before two needles ought to double
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