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  • Experimental study on mice immunized with recombinant vaccinia virus
  • The researchers began by removing two genes from a vaccinia virus that are necessary for its growth in normal cells
  • This vaccine is based on decades - old technology and uses a live virus , called vaccinia , which is related to smallpox
  • Hospital and public health officials recommended that the mother and child remain isolated until they had no more vaccinia scabs
  • Other orthpoxviruses that cause infections in humans include variola ( smallpox ) , vaccinia ( used for smallpox vaccine ) , and cowpox viruses
  • It belongs to a group of viruses that includes the smallpox virus ( variola ) , the virus used in the smallpox vaccine ( vaccinia ) , and the cowpox virus
  • Clinicians should maintain a high index of suspicion for vaccinia when evaluating vesiculopapular rashes in patients who have been vaccinated recently and in their close contacts
  • They genetically engineered parts of an antibody from chimpanzees , which are immune to smallpox , and a human antibody . tests in mice showed it worked to prevent infection with vaccinia
  • By using aa 385 - 365 fragment , an elisa system for the evaluation of post - e2 - vaccination humoral immune responses was also established , and was successfully applied to recombinant vaccinia virus - and dna - based vaccine research
    利用aa385 - 565片段,建立了e2疫苗免疫后抗体反应的elisa评价体系,并已成功用于重组痘苗病毒疫苗和dna疫苗的研究。
  • During daily monitoring for the onset of contact vaccinia symptoms , 1 person had a rash and 1 had fever , but neither person had vaccinia virus infection ; all other potential contacts remained healthy with no nosocomial transmission
  • It's difficult to see vaccinia in a sentence. 用vaccinia造句挺难的
  • May 18 , 2007 ? in the first documented us case of eczema vaccinatum ( ev ) since 1988 , reported in the may 18 issue of the morbidity and mortality weekly report , secondary transmission of vaccinia virus occurred from a father vaccinated for smallpox to his child
  • On march 8 , real - time polymerase chain reaction orthopoxvirus generic assay and nonvariola orthopoxvirus assay were positive for orthopoxvirus dna , supporting the clinical diagnosis of ev , and the diagnosis of vaccinia was confirmed at the us centers for disease control and prevention
  • Hi our study , dendritic cells ( dcs ) were derived from the cultivation of peripheral blood monocytes in vitro successfully . then to observe whether dcs transfected with carcinoembryonic antigen ( cea ) - vaccinia recombinant virus ( rv - cea ) can induces cytotoxic t lymphocyte - mediated cea - specific immunity in vitro
    体外成功地完成了cd14 +单核细胞来源的树突状细胞( dc )的培养,并进一步研究人癌胚抗原重组痘苗病毒( rv - cea )转染dc后体外诱导的cea特异性细胞免疫。
  • In this study , the recombinant fowl - poxvirus was transfected into expressing the vp3 gene of isolated gpv h1 strain into the cef cells with fpv - 017 by liposome , which have the lacz reporter gene , earlier / latter promoters lp2ep2 of fpv , promoters p7 . 5 and p7 . 1 of vaccinia virus , replication unnecessary region of fpv - 017 . following 6 cycles screenings , clonings , purification of blue plaques , detection of pcr and dot - elisa , which verified the genetic stable vp3 - fowlpox virus recombinant constructed successfully . this study provided the theoretical and practical foundation for development of gpv recombinant fowl - poxvirus genetic engineering vaccine , as well as provided substance preparatory for prevention the high mortality gpv
    本研究采用脂质体转染方法,将含有完整gpvh1分离株vp3基因、报告基因lacz 、禽痘病毒早晚期启动子lp2ep2 、痘苗病毒启动子p7 . 5 、 p11和fpv - 017复制非必须区的转移载体质粒psy681vp3lacz与fpv - 017共转染鸡胚成纤维细胞,经6轮蚀斑克隆、筛选、表达, pcr鉴定和dot - elisa检测,证明该重组病毒已构建成功,并获得了遗传性状稳定的鹅细小病毒vp3基因的重组禽痘病毒。
  • “ the administration of smallpox vaccine to this service member and his subsequent contact with his family are under investigation by the us military , which will determine whether screening and education practices need to be modified , ” an accompanying editorial notes . “ health - care workers treating patients with ev , generalized vaccinia infection , or progressive vaccinia infection should follow contact precautions until patients ' scabs have separated
    “美国军方调查研究了对这个现役军人和他家族后来的接触者的牛痘苗的管理,以决定是否要筛查和修改训练实习方案, ”跟踪的社论报道, “健康护理工作者对待牛痘性湿疹、全身性种痘反应或进行性牛痘感染者应该随访给予接触警惕直到患者痂分离。
  • To answer this question , a bispecific , trifunctional antibody constructs which can not only target block virus incorporated rca , but also can induce complement activation by it ' s fc fragment were designed and constructed and iv the role of this kind of bispecific antibody in virus neutralization was studied . 1 . to test our idea , human immunodeficient virus ( hiv ) and enveloped extracellular virus ( eev ) of vaccinia virus ( vv ) were selected in our study because of their complex immune evasion stratiges , their threaten to humans , and because both these two kinds of virus can escape complement attack by incorporating host rca into their envelope
    以严重危害人类健康,且具有复杂免疫逃避机制的有包膜的hiv病毒及痘苗病毒的eev病毒为研究对象,首先对它们逃避补体攻击的现象进行了验证,探讨了宿主膜补体调节蛋白cd55 、 cd59与hiv病毒及eev病毒免疫逃避的关系,评价了病毒结合的这两种补体调节蛋白作为本研究提出的,通过消除病毒逃避补体攻击的机制来恢复病毒对补体攻击的敏感性,提高补体抗病毒效率这一抗病毒策略的靶点的可能性。
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