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vacuum flask造句

"vacuum flask"是什么意思  
  • Mixed metal items such as pots and vacuum flasks
  • Inner containers of the vacuum flask . heat loss . test method
  • Inner containers of the vacuum flask . thermal shock . test method
  • Rule for inspection of vacuum flasks for export
  • Packing for no . 5 narrow mouthed vacuum flask
  • Let ' s start with this vacuum flask for keeping drinks hot
  • Inner containers of the vacuum flask - resistance to vertical load . test method
  • Inner containers glass of the vacuum flask . hydrolytic resistance . test method
  • Bullet shape vacuum flask
  • Dewar vacuum flask
  • It's difficult to see vacuum flask in a sentence. 用vacuum flask造句挺难的
  • 1842 sir james dewar , scottish physicist and chemist and inventor of the vacuum flask , was born in fife
  • 1842 sir james dewar , scottish physicist and chemist and inventor of the vacuum flask , was born in fife
  • The chinese manufacturer , he shan jia hui vacuum flask & vessel , has " brazenly copied " a made - in - germany coffee thermos , germany ' s organisation against plagiarism said , which hands out such awards annually
  • Zhejiang hongqiang metal products co . , ltd . is a giant professional export enterprise , producing a series of heat - retaining cntainers , including stainiess steel vacuum coffee - pots , high - pressure thermoses , vacuum flasks and auto mugs etc
  • C . application : it is used in making glassware - plate glass , wired glass , figured glass , hollow glass , foam glass and glass block as beer bottle , cups , vacuum flask , optical glass , fiberglass and so forth . its application is common in founding , smelting , fireproof material , cement and chemical industry
  • Our company combines developmetn , design , production and sale as a whole , our company is enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel vacuum mug , vacuum flask , knapsack bottle , travel pot , jar , office mug , vacuum container , coffee pot , caster , auto mug , little hip , air pressure pot , double deck mug various stainless steel temperature preservation vessel
  • Our corporation is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel ware , takes " chenfeng " as the regist - ered trademark , the main products are stainless steel hip flask , vacuum flask , bachelor mug , travel pot , coffee pot , auto mug , mini dustbin , etc series of products , multiple specifications and full model - s , the products are made exquisitely , novel and practical , beautiful and dignified
    公司专业生产不锈钢制品,以“晨风”为注册商标,产品主要有不锈钢酒壶(不锈钢小酒壶) 、子弹头不锈钢保温杯、普通不锈钢保温杯、高真空不锈钢保温杯(不锈钢真空杯) 、不锈钢运动壶、学士杯、不锈钢旅行壶、不锈钢咖啡壶、不锈钢咖啡杯、汽车杯、太空杯、不锈钢办公杯、微型不锈钢垃圾桶等系列产品,规格多型号全,产品制作精良,新颖实用,美观大方。
  • Xingfu metal appliances company is one of the main manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel vacuum flask , including vacuum bottles , vacuum flasks , vacuum mugs for camping and travelling , and coffee cups , etc . we use two production lines , with advanced machine imported , to produce high - quality products
  • Our main products are : stainless steel vacuum bottle vacuum flask and vacuum mug , stainless steel thermos cup thermos flask and thermos bottle , stainless steel sports flask sports bottle , stainless steel office cup bachelor cup , stainless steel cup , stainless steel travel mug travel flask , bullet type vacuum flask vacuum bottle and vacuum mug , stainless steel coffee pot , stainless steel coffee mug , stainless steel hip flask , stainless steel beer mug , stainless steel travel mug auto mug , stainless steel sucker cup sucker bottle , slim vacuum thermos , wide mouth vacuum thermos and stainless steel tea kettle teakettle , etc
  • The plant is mainly engaged in producing medical , foodstuff and exported silicon rubber products including silicon rubber sealing rings for household distillatory , watering trough , water clarifier , shower set , electric cooker , canning of foodstuffs , vacuum flask and other products ; and producing medical silica gel bottle closure , bulb , disinfector , rubber blanket , hose , high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing rings of every kind and other rubber products
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