abbes condenser中文什么意思

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  • condenser:    n. 冷凝器;凝汽器;电容器;聚光器 ...
  • abbes:    阿巴斯; 阿贝斯; 阿布; 阿韦斯
  • abbes condenserr:    阿贝氏聚光镜
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  1. This microscope is provided with achromatic objectives , wide field eyepieces , abbe condenser , adjustable built ? in light source , and coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with focus stop . . this microscope with his wide field eyepiece gives a nice and sharp image and is designed in a very modem way , it is designed for clinical experiments and classroom demonstration in medical and hygienic establishments , chemical laboratory , agricultural scientific research nets , research institutes and colleges as well as for the routine examination and research purpose in bioloy , bacteriology , cytology and pharmaceutical chemistry


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