发音:   用"adjacence"造句
n. 接近,毗连
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  1. the compose of sulphur isotope is adjacence, scope is + 3.29 %-9.73 % may belong to sedimentary origin
  2. this dissertation is funded by two projects of national natural science fundation of china numbered by 49734150 and 40234047, which are the researching into 3-d structure and geodynamics of interior circular layer in china and its adjacence, the researching into the detail structure of lithosphere and asthenosphere and deep progress in east asia and western pacific . also this dissertation is funded by the special project from the ministry of land and resources numbered by 20001010 titled the researching into lithospheric 3-d structure in china
  3. the information economy provides us with modern information technology whose carrier is internet . many span-new industrial organizations emerged one after the other, such as industrial convergence and virtual enterprises, which produced important influence on the industrial clusters in traditional industrial epoch . industrial clusters could avail network instead of geographic adjacence, transcend geographic restrict and extend geographically


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