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  1. Although ziyang city have a long history , but it have a young development of city construction , the environment landscape of city has many defects although it have many success , in this paper , through examined and analyzed the actuality of ziyang environment landscape , and applied the tenet of combine for theoretic and practice , and used for reference there homologies city ' s suffer and apologue . in this paper , it ' s researched from city ' s natural landscape system , man - made landscape system and dimensional landscape system , to instruct designing of ziyang city ' s landscape build , thus discover a feasible way for knap urban landscape build
  2. Our worthy acquaintance , mr malachi mulligan , now appeared in the doorway as the students were finishing their apologue accompanied with a friend whom he had just rencountered , a young gentleman , his name alec bannon , who had late come to town , it being his intention to buy a colour or a cornetcy in the fencibles and list for the wars
    学生们之寓言行将结束时,吾等畏友玛拉基穆利根先生偕初邂逅之友出现于门口,系一青年绅士,名亚历克班农146也。彼新近进城,报名参军,欲在国防军中购一旗手或骑兵旗手之位置147 。


  1. a short moral story (often with animal characters)
    同义词:fable, parable, allegory


An apologue or apolog (from the Greek ?π?λογο?, a "statement" or "account") is a brief fable or allegorical story with pointed or exaggerated details, meant to serve as a pleasant vehicle for a moral doctrine or to convey a useful lesson without stating it explicitly. Unlike a fable, the moral is more important than the narrative details.


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