artillery piece中文什么意思

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  1. This drink originated in france during world war i and was named after a famed 75mm artillery piece
  2. It has been upgrading these units with tanks , armored personnel carriers , and a substantial increase in the amount of artillery pieces , the report states
  3. At patterson park are the breastworks and artillery pieces used in the defense of the city , and the battle monument honors the baltimore militiamen who conducted that defense
    巴尔的摩城市的今天巴尔的摩城的闹市区主要是沿着查尔斯街道charles street周围。
  4. No , the battleship isn ' t the end - all of naval warfare : it ' s more like the ultimate artillery piece , super - powerful against certain targets but something you still need to protect
  5. Key about control of the captain moving closer to guns , there will be a white circle there , when the artillery pieces can operate ; the next key adjustment shelling distance , the space bar shooting


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