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  • batch:    n. 1.(面包等的)一炉。 2.一 ...
  • heat:    n. 1.热;热力;热度;热量。 2 ...
  • a batch of:    一批
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  1. As a system characterized in inertia , delay and nonlinear parameter distribution , the heating furnace can be used in continuous and batch heating with a variety of fuels such as blast furnace gas , coke oven gas , reactor gas , natural gas , heavy oil etc . due to the fact that the heat status inside the furnace is hard to be predicted , many important parameters like bloom temperature distribution can hardly be detected on - line and the furnace type and process parameters are complicated as well , the technology of process control on heating furnace has not been further developed
  2. 5 . according to batch heat exchanger , washing and cip ( cleaning in place ) operation cause its fouling and object gain changing periodically and thus conventional fixed parameter controller is hard to keep good performance , a novel recipe - fnn - based predictive method was developed for the periodical fouling measurement
    5 、针对间歇换热设备的周期性结垢现象,以及由此引起的对象特性对变并造成常规控制器动态性能下降等问题,提出了一种基于配方混合模糊神经网络的周期性结垢预测方法。


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