beat effect中文什么意思

发音:   用"beat effect"造句
  • beat:    vt. (beat; beaten ...
  • effect:    n. 1.结果。 2.效能,效果,效 ...
  • be beat:    累趴下了
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  1. The doppler frequency can be obtained as a heterodyne or beat effect .
  2. By means of the ironing effect of heating - plate and the beating effect of vibrating - roller . the surface of toe part or heel - seat will be made flat and will have a better edge
  3. Abstract : we have studied theoretically a beat effect in a four - level system due to fifth - order optical polarization , and considered the cases that the pump beams have either narrowband or broadband linewidth . we have found that the accuracy for the energy - level splitting measurement is determined by the homogeneous linewidths of the optical transitions . that is to say , this technique can achieve doppler - free precision in the measurement of the energy level splitting between two excited states which are dipolar forbidden from the ground state
  4. Because the air - borne imaging system is required a far acting distance and the focal length of its optical system is long . influenced by the unsteady or moving platform mounted on plane , the change between the frames of image sequence is more . problems of image fuzziness and instability tend to be striking out , which becomes a bottleneck restricting the air - borne reconnaissance , collimation , evaluating beat effect


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