by main strength中文什么意思

发音:   用"by main strength"造句
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  1. By main strength
  2. Folks got up everywheres in the crowd , and worked their way just by main strength to the mourners bench , with the tears running down their faces ; and when all the mourners had got up there to the front benches in a crowd , they sung and shouted and flung themselves down on the straw , just crazy and wild
  3. While we were thus preparing our designs , and had first , by main strength heav d the boat up upon the beach , so high that the tide would not fleet her off at high - water - mark ; and besides , had broke a hole in her bottom , too big to be quickly stopp d , and were sat down musing what we should do ; we heard the ship fire a gun , and saw her make a waft with her antient , as a signal for the boat to come on board ; but no boat stirr d ; and they fir d several times , making other signals for the boat


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